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7 Sep 2017
15:34snorpjchen: looks like your optimizations may have gotten us some wins on slower devices
15:34snorpjchen: nexus 4/5
15:54esawinis about:addons broken for everyone on m-c or is it by build?
15:59jchensnorp: cool. yeah makes sense that it would be most apparent on those
16:00snorpesawin: works in nightly
16:01esawinsnorp: same here, just not on fennec
16:01esawinnothing in the logs
16:08gandalfrnewman: gonna work on Fennec Locale selection for the whole day today. If you have other bugs I should investigate, lmk! :)
17:21esawinit was my build
17:52sebastianmcomella: I thought the early 57 merge only affects devedition and beta won't update to 57 earlier? Or is this different for Android?
17:52sebastian^- Sylvestre
18:01rnewmangandalf: bug 1390822?
18:01firebot NEW, Gecko-side strings (Strings.browser.GetStringFromName) aren't updated after a locale change
18:01rnewmanalready on your radar, but no update in two weeks
18:01rnewmanprobably related
18:02gandalftaking, thanks!
18:07mcomellasebastian: Oh shoot, I misread the devedition part - you're right
18:08sebastianmcomella: phew :)
18:23grishaliuche: mcomella i've disabled all "additional content" in AS settings, and now my AS page looks like a big grey screen with two rows of icons on the top
18:23grishathat seems less than ideal
18:23grishais there a bug on file I can complain in, or should I file one? :)
18:23grisha(i imagine we could expand top sites to fill the remaining space....)
18:24JanHgrisha: that's probably why the settings for that are so hidden :-P
18:25* grisha files a bug
18:25liuchegrisha: interesting, it shouldn't be grey! can you file a bug with a screenshot?
18:26grishai think the main point is that it shouldn't be empty
18:26liuchewould you have expected Top Sites to fill the rest of the page?
18:28grishaor perhaps it should be. my desktop AS page is mostly empty. but it doesn't look as unpolished, at least
18:28liucheyeah okay, that's a good point - we'll triage it and see if UX has time to come up with mocks. with about 1.5 weeks left I doubt it'll make 57 though
18:28grishai actually don't know what i want. i just know that this feels wrong
18:28grisha:) sorry for not being helpful
18:29liuchethat's okay, I've been looking at this screen and toggling shit on and off for so long everything looks normal - I'll flag it for UX
18:31grishaBug 1397854
18:31firebot NEW, Activity Stream with all additional content disabled is mostly just an empty screen
18:32grishathanks liuche
19:08gandalfrnewman: I started by debugging why `intl.locale.os` is not updated, but I'm afraid that it'll end up somewhere in Java :(
19:08gandalfI think that the getStringBundle cache flush should be independent, so I'll take that next, if I confirm the Locale:OS event is not fired in browser.js
19:36gandalfrnewman: I'm stupid. Please, do not read the previous message. If too late, burn the neurons storing that information.
19:43rnewmangandalf: heh, no worries; false starts are still starts
19:48gandalfI actually wasn't even wrong
19:48gandalfjust didn't know I'm right
19:49gandalfI changed the system locale and browser.js did not receive Locale:OS event
19:49gandalfso it didn't update intl.locale.os
19:49gandalfso it didn't trigger LocaleService reload which observes intl.locale.os
19:53rnewmanOK, so next step is to add debugging in GeckoApplication
19:57rnewmanOne of those three spots should be hit. My suspicion is that there's a gap there: GeckoApp.onCreate won't be called twice, but we don't do any locale checking in onResume.
20:05gandalfrnewman: is there a chance that someone who did actually write a line of Java in the last 10 years could look into this?
20:06rnewmanyeah, I'll try to find time this afternoon.
20:06gandalfthank you!
20:06gandalfwhen you're at it, can you evaluate as a replacement of our use of intl.locale.os to get data from Java into LocaleService?
20:06firebotBug 1337078 NEW, Improve the use of Android API in OSPreferences
20:07gandalfI was hoping to land it when 58 opens
20:07gandalfin order to reduce the reliance on prefs for transferring data and also because I believe we should be receiving locale list from OS, not a single locale
20:08rnewmanI'll set a ni for me to look at next week.
20:09gandalfthank you!
20:10rnewmangandalf: do we have updated instructions on making a multilocale APK?
20:10gandalfI believe the current patch lacks any event triggering on locale change (which should trigger OSPreferences cache invalidation and gecko's `osprefs:system-locales-changed` which should trigger LocaleService refresh) but the general direction is there :)
20:10rnewmanI saw, but that looks like it's about repacks
20:10gandalfrnewman: I have them
20:12rnewmanplease share :)
20:12gandalfstill long, but getting better :)
20:12gandalfI hope to generalize multilocale to also support Firefox in 58
20:13gandalfthe patch is ready, waiting for Pike to negotiate the terms of surrender with the build team
20:13rnewmangreat, I'll set that building for later.
20:13gandalfyou can add more locales to the MOZ_CHROME_MULTILOCALE and loop over merge-$loc and chrome-$loc
20:13gandalfto get more locales
20:14gandalfbut two is plenty
20:15gandalfalso, the transition to new langpacks is going to happen in 58. I believe we could migrate toolkit resources to use langpacks for Fennec then and hook it into Fennec instead of the planned DLC
20:15gandalfthat would allow us to cut those 3mb out of Fennec apk
20:18gandalfrnewman: ok, hopping onto the other bug (the GetStringSomething not flushing)
20:18gandalfthanks for help!
20:19rnewmande nada
20:52gandalfrnewman: got a moment?
20:54gandalfrnewman: the reason we don't react to locale changes is here:
20:54gandalfwould you prefer me to delazify it or flush on locale change? :)
21:00rnewmangandalf: flush on change, if we can
21:00gandalfsure we can :)
21:00rnewmanI think that's what we (used to) do
21:01firebotBug 1096120 FIXED, Context menu labels aren't invalidated after switching locales
21:02rnewmansomeone removed that Strings.flush() call
21:07gandalfrnewman: must be someone very handsome and smart who did that:
21:08rnewmanheh, that'll do it
21:08rnewmanat least it's only been broken for 5 months :P
21:08gandalfI'll fix after him
21:28rnewmanQueued notifications on an old Android device never cease to disappoint me
21:28rnewmanhundreds of Twitter notifications piling up along the top
22:13rnewmantfw your ability to debug is hampered by the inability of Google tablet hardware to continue working for more than two years
22:21grishanalexander: if you happen to be around, not busy w/ moving, and semi-bored, can you check out my ni? in Bug 802749
22:21firebot ASSIGNED, Provide option to sync only over WiFi
22:27kbrosnanNexus 9? it is 3 years old. 7? they are 4 or 5 years old
22:32rnewmankbrosnan: yeah, I'm working through my stash of tablets, trying to find one that won't die
8 Sep 2017
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