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7 Aug 2017
09:58keehooHi, Is there anyone here who can help me with setting up and android studio gradle for development of fennec? I'm having hard times to add new classes due to gradle issue. Any one? :)
12:09sebastiankeehoo: What errors are you seeing? recipe for target 'gecko-browser.jar' failed
12:12keehooI've added one more class to restriction package
12:12keehooand used it in
12:12keehoo./mach build return this :
12:13keehooI don't know how to update build files to include my new files and be happy with them :)
12:15keehooI generally don't really need the android studio as long as mach build package install run works
12:16keehoogradle should update the build files (as i understand) but it does not
12:22keehooAnyone ?
13:14sebastiankeeho: If you added new files then you might want to list them in mobile/android/base/
13:14sebastianBut this looks like it could be a missing import too
16:18nine_millihey all, can i expect a large performance boost switching from asj.js to web assembly?
16:35Caspy7Someone points out a privacy issue in Android Firefox's Private browsing mode
16:35Caspy7with the keyboard
16:35Caspy7Something Chrome handles now.
16:39nemoI mean, I don't have that turned on at all ever. never did trust it
16:39nemobut still interesting
16:42nemoCaspy7: one keyboard related thing firefox seems to handle better, at least, is that my bluetooth keyboard has a keystroke combo to dismiss the soft keyboard - works in FF and most other apps on my phone, not chrome. fortunately the back button combo usually works in chrome except when I accidentally hit it too often and lose everything on the form
16:42nemoCaspy7: bluetooth keyboards also do not record words
16:45nemoCaspy7: I do wish firefox was smart enough to not constantly show the soft kbd every time I tab over to a text area on a web form while the BT one was active, but, eh, there are a lot of apps in android that are worse at external kbds.
16:45nemo(like chrome )
17:04nemoCaspy7: there's this related bug, but doesn't really address the root problem
17:04firebotBug 1324241 UNCONFIRMED, blank Private browsing tab splash does not list touch keyboard input under "does not save"
17:05Caspy7nemo: well, this isn't really a priority for me. You're welcome to file a bug. I asked the poster do so
17:06nemoCaspy7: me either due to aforementioned disabled learning and bluetooth keyboard
17:06nemoCaspy7: it's just that the bug above notes this privacy issue so could be a good place to comment maybe
17:22jchenCaspy7 nemo: JanH just fixed bug 1266683 in nightly, which should address the privacy issue
17:22firebot FIXED, Send IME_FLAG_NO_PERSONALIZED_LEARNING in private browsing (URL bar and content)
17:24Caspy7jchen: woah, thanks. I'll have a look
17:32nemooh cool
17:33nemojchen: yeah, even if I didn't find DYAC and learning as annoying as all hell, I still wouldn't trust it not to accidentally leak something embarassing
17:33nemojchen: or pick up a password it didn't know was a password due to, oh, a terminal session or whatever
17:38nemojchen: so... I guess that bug #1266683 should be marked as blocking the closure of bug #1324241 as WFM or whatever?
17:38firebot FIXED, jh+bugzilla Send IME_FLAG_NO_PERSONALIZED_LEARNING in private browsing (URL bar and content)
17:38firebot UNCONFIRMED blank Private browsing tab splash does not list touch keyboard input under "does not save"
17:38nemoagh. sorry for the firebot spam
17:42jchennemo: right. seems like 1324241 is more about informing the user? in that case 1324241 can depend on 1266683, and we can decide in 1324241 if we want to adjust the wording in the new private tab page
17:44nemojchen: yep
17:44nemoblock vs depend always confuses me
17:57mcomellaakatsuki: Do you have `ac_add_options --enable-application=mobile/android` in your mozconfig?
17:58mcomellaakatsuki: Generally, if you follow these instructions again, I think it should get you the right build:
18:13nemoCaspy7: one interesting thing when reading the firefox bug was how long ago they were trying to solve this but were stymied by the keyboards
18:14nemoCaspy7: google's solution was simple "we control the OS, we're gonna define a new mode"
18:14nemomust be nice
18:19Caspy7guess so
18:42KWiersojchen: wonder if there's anything to be done for Focus...
18:43jchenfor gecko focus, we probably already use private mode so it should just work now
19:53snorpwe do use private mode, so it should just work
20:26mcomella(not urgent) liuche: fyi that ConstraintLayout + photon changes has us exceed field limit (somehow before method limit!):
20:26firebotBug 1388023 NEW, Field count exceeds 65k limitation
8 Aug 2017
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