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19 May 2017
06:50glandiumxxd, you useless piece of s*** (xxd -e -r -> sorry, cannot revert this type of hexdump)
16:42nine_millijust curious, do yall get paid to work on firefox or are you all volunteers?
16:45RyanVMthere's both in this channel
17:40snorpglandium: lol
18:03mkaplyI love it when people send me screenshots of about:crashes to give me the IDs.
18:04dolskemkaply: great, you got my fax!
18:06andymwere the screenshots in a word doc?
18:08mkaplyandym: Embedded in a PDF
18:08mkaplyHere's the dlopen fail on mozglue crash
18:08mkaplyandym (that was more sarcasm :)
18:08andymi got that one :)
18:12mkaplyand of course OCR won't work because it's just strings of letters/numbers
18:18mkaply is interesting
18:18mkaplyWe had old versions of this bug in the past
18:54ahuntmkaply: looks like that could be a regression from the setAnchor() changes in Bug 1282763
18:54firebot FIXED, Tab Tray Menu is misplaced on rotation
18:56mkaplyahunt: Should we be null checking anchor just in case?
18:57ahuntmkaply: I dont think so, Im writing a patch to fix the actual cause now
18:57mkaplybug 1366339 actually concerns me more. This partner is hitting it every time they try to open settings on Firefox.
18:57firebot NEW, Crash in java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: dlopen failed: library "/data/data/org.mozilla.firefox/lib/
18:58snorpjchen: did you ever test fullscreen in GeckoView?
18:58snorpjchen: cause I can't get it to work at all
18:58snorpwe never get MakeFullScreen() in nsWindow
19:02jchensnorp: not in geckoview
19:02snorpjchen: but you added the fullscreen notification
19:03snorpnaughty naughty jchen
19:03snorpbut yeah something is hosed
19:03jchensnorp: works fine in fennec ;)
19:03snorpmight be e10s
19:05ahuntmkaply: Ive filed bug 1282763 for the menu crash (sorry, Im not really qualified to help with the dlopen stuff)
19:05firebot FIXED, Tab Tray Menu is misplaced on rotation
19:11mkaplyahunt: Is that the right bug #?
19:11ahuntmkaply: oops, bug 1366352
19:11firebot NEW, Crash in java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method ''int
19:19ahuntUgghh. I definitely havent missed hg.
20:49Caspy7someone here is having delayed tabs to reuse the currently open tab
20:50Caspy7like when a tab is waiting
20 May 2017
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