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17 May 2017
05:44wesley_huangsnorp: about custom tab, as we are targeting shipping in 55 release, GeckoView based will be not feasible, right?
05:44wesley_huangat this moment we'll have to clean up the bugs with what we have now (w/o GeckoView)
05:45wesley_huangjust want to make sure that we are on the same page
13:32snorpwesley_huang: I don't think we are on the same page
13:32snorpI don't think we can fix the current impl enough to ship
13:39snorpwesley_huang: droeh is very close to getting the GV-based solution going
13:39snorpIt fixes many of the current blockers
13:40snorpBut may also introduce some
17:43nine_milliwhat needs to be done to allow localStorage on a custom protocol?
17:45nalexandernine_milli: my guess is you need to mark the protocol as participating in the "secure origin" part of the web. But I haven't a clue how you would achieve that.
17:46nalexandernine_milli: I have no idea how to get the principal corresponding to your custom protocol to have the right permissions.
19:11SeburoHi. Please can I have some help with a SUMO question? Who writes the non-EN app descriptions for Firefox in the Google Play store?
19:16Seburo(sorry for a second question) - Is there an ETA for bookmark management for Fennec?
19:26ahuntSo, when are we switching to Kotlin :p?
19:28Seburo(thought Kotlin was a character from Star Trek)
19:28ahunt(Retrofitting into mach seems almost feasible, since the kotlin compiler can generate jars which we can then incorporate into the rest of the build? Famous last words?)
19:28ahuntSeburo: its a newer programming language that has a few improvements over Java, and apparently its going to be officially supported on Android ( )
19:31Seburoahunt: Thanks for the background. Not being a developer myself, I think I will let someone else take my place at "KotlinConf" :-)
19:33ahuntSeburo: re: bookmark management, I think a lot of it landed recently, so it might already be in nightly (but I dont know if its hidden from normal users right now)
19:36ahuntSeburo: is the metabug
19:36firebotBug 1329127 NEW, [META] Fennec Bookmark Management
19:36Seburoahunt: That is really great news to hear, thank you. It has been a regular question from users for a while and I sure it will be a very popular feature. If you find out what the pref is in about:config, I have no problem helping by testing it/provide telemetry from Nightly.
19:40* Seburo thinks he has found it, finds phone to check.
19:43* Seburo not sure, but is happy regardless.
19:49ahuntSeburo: it should be ui.bookmark.mobilefolder.enabled judging by (Note: I havent tested this so no guarantees : ) )
19:51Seburoahunt: Yeah, I tried that one, and have found that it is set to "true" (the default). I am not seeing any changes to behaviour and options in Nightly.
20:06fabricesnorp: do you have pointers on the user agent service you talked about?
20:06snorpfabrice: hmm, nope!
20:06snorpfabrice: but rnewman or nalexander might!
20:06snorpfabrice: more of a abstract concept at the moment AFAIK, but they may have written stuff down
20:15fabricesnorp: ok thanks
20:19fabricernewman: nalexander: If there are any resources to read about the user agent service, please let me know!
20:49nalexanderfabrice: this isn't really what you're looking for, but you might get _some_ context on an older expression of this idea at
20:50nalexanderfabrice: I think is better for an overview.
20:50fabricenalexander: thanks!
20:51fabricenalexander: is there an ongoing effort around that?
20:52nalexanderfabrice: kinda-sorta. rnewman, me, and a little of bgrins, all under Joe Walker, are pursuing Mentat as one expression of the ideas behind the UA service.
20:52nalexanderfabrice: but we've circled the ideas so many times that I don't think we're clearly pointed at the UA service idea right now.
20:53nalexanderfabrice:, a layer on top of SQLite to help store the data we think the browser should store.
20:54nalexanderfabrice: formerly called Datomish.
20:54fabriceha ok!
22:39andymplease tell me mentat came from dune
23:29nalexanderandym: it did!
23:36mkaplyDoes this provide us any useful info?
23:36mkaply04-14 22:12:50.520 10536 10536 E WindowManager: android.view.WindowLeaked: Activity org.mozilla.gecko.preferences.GeckoPreferences has leaked window
18 May 2017
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