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17 Jul 2017
14:19freddybwhat's the magic behind preferences prefixed with "android.not_a_preference"?
14:43rnewmanfreddyb: our prefs interface abstracts over "prefs" stores in Gecko, fetched over the bridge, and Android SharedPreferences, owned by the Java side
14:44rnewmanthat prefix is a general way to decide which side to ask for a value
14:44rnewmanit is not universally applied
14:44freddybhm, I tried to manipulate (or even get) such a pref in chrome JS but were not super successful, when attaching a JS debugger to the main process
14:44freddybbut SharedPreferences.forApp().getCharPref() is the right thing, according to dxr, right?
15:00rnewmanfreddyb: yeah, you can't just use them from Gecko
15:00rnewmanthe main direction is the other way, to support the native Settings UI
15:51mcomella(after triage) sebastian: Do you have a link to the AS updated UI mocks?
15:52sebastianmcomella: liuche
16:00mcomellasebastian: So the items that are available for the sprint are the assigned ones and the ones with the 1.26 whiteboard tag?
16:01sebastian@mcomella With the iteration field set to 1.26, yes. I usually just look at the wiki page and sort by product to get all the Android ones:
16:12mcomellasebastian: When do you think this is going to land?
16:12mcomellaAnd is there an open bug?
16:19sebastian@mcomella: this?
16:20sebastianmcomella: The new UI pieces?
16:31mcomellasebastian: yeah
16:40sebastianmcomella: Mostly I've been working in this bug so far:
16:40sebastianmcomella: I was blocked by some build system issue. But nalexander helped me with that. I want to land first pieces this week. And then work on follow-ups
16:42mcomellasebastian: Okay. Can you repaste bug link?
16:42mcomellaI think the other one is not correct
16:45firebotBug 1379021 ASSIGNED, UI update for the Fennec New Tab Page - Activity Stream
18:38mcomellagrisha: Where do we land patches these days? fx-team?
18:38RyanVMfx-team is gone\
18:38RyanVMmost android stuff lands on autoland
18:38mcomellaOh yeah, that thing
18:39mcomellaty :)
18:41mcomellaRyanVM: Do I need a try build before I can land?
18:41mcomella"Land commits" is blocked out
18:41mcomellaBut I also pushed a r=me on top without updating reviewboard so I'm not sure if that's what happened or not
18:41RyanVMif you hover over it, it should say why it's greyed out
19:05mkaplymcomella: That usually happens to me because I haven't resolved an issue someone opened.
19:06mkaplyDoes anyone know off the top of their head what the resolution of the bookmark icons are on the Fennec bookmarks tab?
19:15rnewmanmkaply: @dimen/favicon_small_size
19:15rnewmanin Australis, 25db. in Photon, 24db.
19:15rnewmandp, sorry, not db
19:16mkaplyOK, so the closest icon size is probably 32x32 then.
19:16rnewmanat xxhdpi that's 72x72px
19:21mkaplyrnewman: in this case, we've only got the favicon so I was just trying to decide if I should take 16 or 32. So I think 16 is probably a no go :)
19:23rnewmannot sure which kind of favicon you mean, but in all kinds of places we have favicons bigger than that
19:25mkaplyrnewman: Well websites aren't generally giving anything bigger than 32x32 (yet), right? Or do we pull the magical Apple icons?
19:25mkaplyI'm setting up partner distribution files and grabbing favicons from their site for default bookmarks
19:41snorpmkaply: we do pull the apple ones
19:41snorpalso there is a microsoft tile thing
19:42mkaplyOK, I'll see if partner has bigger icons. Although I really don't want to base64 those images :)
19:53rnewmanmkaply: also .ico is a container format, so some sites serve everything up to 256x256 in a single file
19:54rnewmanand our favicon manager handles those
19:54rnewmanI thought we actually packaged and shipped icons for our default top sites
19:54rnewmanyou might consider doing that for partners
19:54rnewmanbetter have them as compressed files than as base64
19:55mkaplyrnewman: yeah. Or provide a way to package the icons in the distribution (like we do the suggested site tiles)
20:13mcomellasebastian: What's this hungarian notation - `vIconView`? And do we intend to keep it like that?
20:50sebastianmcomella: Don't remember where it came from. But I'm definitely not a fan of it.
20:51sebastianv***View seems to be super redundant too.
21:26mkaplyIf we have bugs against mobile activity stream, should we start opening them now? OR wait for things to flesh out more?
21:31liuchejchaulk ^ where are we looking for new AS bugs, e.g. for triaging?
23:12vpalI have imported the repository as a project in Android studio and I am getting this error during Gradle sync
23:12vpalError:The "android" command is no longer included in the SDK. Any references to it (e.g. by third-party plugins) should be removed.
23:30vpalok I have found the cause
23:30vpalI had changed the gradle version
18 Jul 2017
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