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16 Apr 2017
20:25fserranoim trying to build firefox for android and when running mach build im getting an error saying the pango package is missing.... how do i get pango?
20:43ahuntfserrano: what OS are you building on? If Linux, check your distro package manager (on OSX you shouldn't have to install dependencies, but maybe something went wrong)
20:44fserranoim using ubuntu, pango doesnt come up when i search on the manager
20:45fserranoapt install pango doesnt find the package either
20:45ahuntfserrano: have you tried "Mach bootstrap"? It should be able to figure out the right deps on Ubuntu
20:46ahuntAlthough it looks like they had a new release which could've broken things
20:46fserranoyeah i went through bootstrap until it completed
20:47fserranoit had fixed one error i was having, but this pango one is stubborn
20:48ahuntHmm, I guess one option is to do an artifact build (which restricts you to working on java/frontend code), since that uses prebuilt gecko artifacts
20:49fserranothats the one im trying to use =(
20:49ahuntI'm not familiar with Ubuntu packages so I've got no idea how to get pango correctly setup there
20:50ahuntfserrano: can you double check your mozconfig (maybe pastebin it)?
20:50ahuntIIRC artifact builds shouldn't depend on pango
20:55ahuntMy bus is arriving -> heading out for now. Do let us know if you get it working (or not)!
20:55fserranothanks for your help
21:58fserranoim trying to build firefox for android and when running mach build im getting an error saying the pango package is missing.... anyone know how to resolve this? ive tried bootstrap, my distros package manager, and google searching. im using ubuntu
21:59fserranoim trying the artifact build
22:07jchenfserrano: are you using the right mozconfig? it should be a file named mozconfig
22:08jchenwhat's in that file?
22:08fserranoits supposed to be in the src folder right?
22:11jchenfserrano: try removing that and run ./mach bootstrap again
22:17fserranook, so im past the pango thing now it seems. i moved the mozconfig file into the mozilla-central folder instead of in the src folder and it looks like it moved forward. now it says im missing android sdk 23
22:18fserranothanks jchen
22:21jchenfserrano: you need to change the --with-android-sdk line in the mozconfig file
22:22jchenfserrano: but mach bootstrap should do that for you. just don't change the file after that
23:22fserranowhich folder am i supposed to open in android studio exactly?
23:23satdavWhen did nightly go on the app store
23:23fserranoi tried opening mozilla-central but im getting a gradle error
17 Apr 2017
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