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15 Apr 2017
21:57grishaCaspy7: i've responded on that thread
21:57grishacouple of things could be happening
21:58grishawhat happened last time was that the clients lists were not syncing correctly due to wrong last-modified handling on the server side
21:58grishaand so devices disappeared from "send tab" after few weeks of that bug happening
21:59grishai doubt it's the same thing, likely just that user's particular set up
21:59grishalet's look at ui telemetry for this feature
22:21Caspy7grisha: thanks for following up
22:21grisha(still waiting for the telemetry query to run... last problem was clearly visible on it, so i'm curious to see what it'll look like now)
22:30grishaquery finished. send tab usage looks normal, no recent drops
16 Apr 2017
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