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14 May 2017
15:27brennieAccording to (1), it seems that if an element goes full screen, the screen will wakelock, but I cannot seem to make that occur on Fx for android. Is there any way to prevent the screen from sleeping? The only other wakelock stuff I could find was for B2G
18:45ahuntbrennie: it looks like we should be picking that up on the Android side:
18:46ahuntSo either theyre not plumbed together correctly, or something is wrong with the Android code
18:48ahuntOr maybe thats for something completely different (video only on Android) judging by Bug 1262721 and Bug 1054113 ?
18:48firebot UNCONFIRMED Firefox mobile play video: Keep activity running, wakelock not working
18:48firebot NEW Firefox for Android should support Navigator.requestWakeLock API
22:55brennieahunt: thanks for the heads up
23:00brennieahunt: I found `dom.wakelock.enabled` and that turns on `navigator.requestWakeLock` so I'll see if that works
15 May 2017
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