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13 Sep 2017
13:36snorpesawin: so the fennec BrowserApp should clobber the GV one, right
13:37snorpesawin: and the GV one will clobber fennec's
13:37snorpesawin: was having second thoughts about your patch this morning :/
13:38esawinsnorp: clobber_
13:38snorpesawin: overwrite
13:39esawinfennec doesn't set BrowserApp on GV's window
13:41snorpesawin: oh duh
13:41snorpesawin: yeah I'm a moron
13:41snorpI was thinking that last night when I reviewed it
13:42snorpthen tricked myself into thinking something else
13:43esawinwe might need to extend the stub to support other use cases, I've only looked into webext for now
13:43snorpesawin: right
13:43snorpyeah I'll be happy if we can make devtools work now
13:44esawinI can look into that
14:18jchenesawin snorp: checking BrowserApp is one of the ways we differentiate between browser.xul and geckoview.xul. we probably don't want to regress that.
14:18snorpjchen: where do we do that
14:18snorpwe could add something to BrowserApp I guess
14:19jchensnorp: like here
14:20esawinwe should probably use the windowtype for that
17:16bcsnorp: did you want to come to the mobile/testing meeting?
17:38esawinjchen: I'll rewrite the patch to just check for the feature, do you want to review again?
17:39jchenesawin: nah, r+ :)
19:27NadiHHi all
19:27NadiHI want to lock some preferences, any help ?
19:28NadiHlock preferences AND build a new apk to distribute it locally
19:28NadiHany help ?!
19:29NadiHno one is online from fennec team ?!
19:31katsNadiH: you might need to wait more than 30 seconds for a response
19:31NadiHok I see
19:43katsNadiH: might help you
19:49NadiHplease if someone could help, any online resource (valid for fennec). I want to lock some preferences and build a new package (fennec.apk) to distribute locally
19:51SeburoNadiH: might help you
19:53NadiHI already checked it, nothing about locking, there is only something about adding new preferences (json key:value format)
19:59NadiHplease if someone could help, any online resource (valid for fennec). I want to lock some preferences and build a new package (fennec.apk) to distribute locally
20:00nalexanderNadiH: mkaply might be the best, although I expect he's very busy right now (leading up to 57).
20:00nalexanderNadiH: you can use the prefs.js mechanism in Firefox for Android, if you're going to build your own APK. But producing an APK _for distribution_ is not trivial, and it's not something I (or anybody else here) is going to hold your hand through.
20:01NadiHI already asked him but he said he works only with Desktop version and mobile is very different !!
20:01nalexanderNadiH: start with and then start learning about branding Mozilla applications. Many people have done this, so it may take time but it's not _hard_.
20:01NadiHNo one from fennec team here ? Is thee any other channel ?
20:01nalexanderNadiH: start with the f-droid versions; they need to rebrand.
20:01nalexanderNadiH: I guess I'm not technically on the Fennec team anymore, but I do own the Fennec build system.
20:02nalexanderNadiH: but asking again and again and not doing the work yourself is not going to get my help, and I doubt it will get anybody else's either.
20:02nalexanderNadiH: but this is the right place to ask, or the mobile-firefox-dev mailing list.
20:03NadiHI checked f-droid and I do chedk all (technically similar to desktop autoconfig) method
20:03NadiHI even build fennec from sourece code (complete not artifact)
20:04NadiHI added my pref to all.js in init folder of libpref but preferences are added with no lock (user could change them)
20:04nalexanderIt's my belief that Fennec respects locked (Gecko) preferences, then. mkaply probably was referring to Android (non-Gecko) preferences, which are different.
20:05nalexandersnorp: can you comment? ^
20:05NadiHyes from source (I read some C++ file but do not remember its name) it must use geko lock
20:07NadiHbut where I must create file that we set with "geneal.config.filename" preferences and how I force to package (signing mechanism) this new file ?
20:07NadiHfennec packaging is very different from desktop (dur to android app sign & packaging)
20:08NadiHit must be "so simple" task because it is very general need (somethig like CCK)
20:08snorpnalexander: I'm not sure
20:09NadiHI even asked MKaply to build something like CCK 4 fennec but he refused
20:09nalexanderNadiH: yeah, that's not Mike's job these days :)
20:09nalexanderNadiH: and no, it's not a very general need at all. Shipping an Android APK is not something that many institutions do.
20:10nalexanderIn any case, you're going to have to work this out on your own. Add debug logging to where Gecko looks for the file, and figure out what it's doing on device. Then figure out how to put a file there, probably by modifying the Fennec packaging Python script.
20:11NadiHSo we (the community members that package firefox 4 local org) need something like CCK 4 fennec (although it is a huge manual docs including source compile and many more steps but clear and doable )
20:11NadiHThanx nalexander , I will check /
20:11nalexanderNadiH: I've been working on Firefox for Android for 5+ years, including helping multiple groups customize it, and you're the first to ask for this.
20:12nalexanderNadiH: anyway, all I can say is that Mozilla isn't going to do this for you; we'll try to help, but you're going to have to do a lot of the work on your own.
20:13NadiHMany enterprises use CCK 4 desktop and it has many features, NOW mobile is SLOWLY replace some desktops and organizations asked for the same controls
20:14NadiHit is very common task to lock some preferences and for example add some CA certificates and so on ...
20:16NadiHnalexander: something like this 4 mobile/fennec
20:18NadiHanyhow thanx
20:21NadiHnalexander: thank you 4 help
20:22nalexanderyw. Sorry this isn't documented anywhere.
21:05mkaplyI didn't refuse, I simply said it wasn't really feasible on mobile.
21:10nalexandermkaply: sorry, didn't mean to imply you wouldn't do it. 1-2 lines on why it's not feasible on mobile?
21:11mkaplynalexander: The APK concept alone makes it difficult because we need to be able to put customizations in some different place
21:12nalexandermkaply: aye. This kind of configuration is counter to the security model of Android (and iOS!) phones.
21:13nalexandermkaply: but for folks willing to produce an APK, there's nothing fundamentally wrong with the existing Gecko technologies, right? (Other than that they don't cover Andorid-specific things.)
21:41WG9sNadiH, nalexander: the place i used to work for wanted things like that so only permit access via iPhones and iPads.
14 Sep 2017
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