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13 Jul 2017
00:20rnewmanfirefoxTrouble: yup
10:44florianHi. My patch in bug 1369460 touches mobile/, are you ok with mconley reviewing that, or should I flag someone for the mobile part? (if so, who? :))
10:44firebot ASSIGNED, AsyncPrefs.jsm should be imported lazily from nsBrowserGlue.js
13:52rnewmanflorian: I took a quick look; I think snorp should do a review pass to double check (or 302 accordingly)
13:52florianrnewman: thanks
16:04snorpjchen, esawin, rbarker, droeh: triage?
17:04grishajchaulk: i'm in vidyo but on poor wifi and probably w/ a non-working mic. so im here in spirit, ping me if something needs clarification
17:06jchaulkOk :-) @grisha
17:18esawinsnorp: sorry, looks like I don't get notified for esawin, only for esawin: :/
17:19* esawin needs to fix his bouncer
17:22snorpesawin: np
18:05ahuntCaspy7: Klar is the Germany/Austria/Switzerland edition of Focus (i.e Focus isn't available in those countries, Klar is).
18:06ahuntAnd it just happens that telemetry and adjust are disabled by default in Klar for... reasons. Other than that they're identical.
18:25Caspy7ahunt: thanks. So then they were correct in saying those things. I just hadn't heard there was any more difference than the name.
18:26Caspy7ahunt: ...what is "adjust"?
18:28ahuntCaspy7: it's an install tracking framework, best explanation might be at
14 Jul 2017
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