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12 Sep 2017
08:11SimounetHi there, is any wallabag user on Firefox for Android around?
08:46SimounetI've got an issue with Firefox for Android and wallabag. When the fullscreen mode is enabled, we can't scroll smoothly. I tested this on Chrome and it is working as expected so any help appreciated to find out what to do. I saved a test page here to reproduce the case:
11:58suneetsriNeed helpp regarding the build tools in android studio getting error that 23.0.3 is too low install 25
12:08nemo so got this odd oom...
12:09nemoafter temporarily turning on JS to view
12:10nemowhat's weird is the amount seems so small but the phone seems to be working fine
12:11nemodid F request it while it was busy shuffling mem around for FF extra needs due to enabling JS, then FF freaked out 'cause it wasn't immediately available?
16:40JanHsuneetsri: when you imported mozilla-central into Android Studio, did you by any chance get asked whether you want to update the Gradle plugin version, and did you say yes to that?
17:43mcomellaSimounet: I would recommend filing a bug
17:45mcomellaI assume it should smoothly scroll independent of the content (unless the content is resource heavy) so it sounds like our problem (rather than the content)
18:02snorpbc: ping?
18:02snorpbc: do you know where I can find the copy of speedometer we're using on arewefastyet
18:03bcsure. they update it directly. let me find the link.
18:07JanHmcomella, Simounet: there's something else funky going on with that page, as it's also behaving weirdly after enabling fullscreen mode on desktop (both ESR and Nightly)
18:28bcsnorp: I'm a bit confused about how we get the exact version. It is based off of a revision of but I'm unclear as to which. Let me get back to you.
18:32snorpbc: I really just want the actual tests if you can get that
18:32snorpbc: is that checked in somewhere that I can access?
18:32bcNot that I can tell.
18:37bc \_()_/
19:02snorpbc: who updates it?
19:03bcI'm trying to find out how its done now. The last person I know of was bbouvier. I've ping him but he hasn't replied yet. It's late in Fr.
19:03bcStill looking through the code.
19:07gandalfrnewman: the geolocation locale change is fixed! :)
19:07gandalfrnewman: friendly reminder about bug 1337078
19:07firebot NEW, Improve the use of Android API in OSPreferences
19:08snorpbc: harald says it's just the latest off github
19:08bcMaybe. But we have an open issue about updating it.
19:08snorpso I just need to clone webkit np
19:08snorpshould only take about a week
19:09bcI can't find it checked out anywhere.
19:09bcsnorp: so... why the interest?
19:09snorpbc: we have people that want any kind of number there
19:10snorpbc: for fennec
19:10bci bet.
19:10bcben will available again before too long. I'll find out for sure then.
19:12snorpbc: harald says there are problems running it under fennec
19:13snorpwhich means it's a good time to 1:1 with jchen :)
19:13jchensnorp: yep
19:22bcsnorp: so, do you need a local copy or will a remote copy work for you?
19:30gandalfrnewman: I tested all the bugs related to the locale meta bug. I think we're overall in a pretty good shape. I'll debug the en-CA->en-ZA more tonight.
19:33rnewmangandalf: excellent, lizzard will be pleased :D
19:34lizzard*stars and unicorns*
19:34lizzardshould i just uplift your patches from those 2 bugs?
19:36snorpesawin: hey are you figuring out why addons don't work?
19:36esawinsnorp: yep
19:36snorpesawin: great, thanks
19:36esawinsnorp: got a workaround, about to post a patch.
19:37snorpesawin: excellent
19:37esawinsnorp: you won't like it.
19:38bcsnorp: is that site sufficient for your needs?
19:38snorpbc: oh I just need to runt he one they're using so that's fine, yeah
19:38snorpbc: thank you
19:59rnewmanlizzard: assuming no regressions spotted in Nightly (I don't daily-drive Android, so I won't see them), then yes
19:59rnewmanno harm in waiting a day or two, if the next build is Monday
21:59aswani'm getting this error when trying to run "mach package" on recent m-c
22:00aswanI, like mach, have no idea what happened
22:11jchenaswan: heh. have you tried clobbering (./mach clobber) and building again?
22:12aswanjchen: trying, one sec
22:16aswanjchen: yeah, clobber fixed it, thanks
13 Sep 2017
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