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12 Jul 2017
00:59firefoxTroublehello guys
00:59firefoxTrouble@rnewman and all people helping in 1379834, thanks for your help ;)
01:07brianThe issue I was having yesterday with my local build was related my XZ_OPTS. I've submitted patches in bugs 1380204 and 1380195.
01:18firefoxTrouble@rnewman what language i need to know to colaborate in bug fixing with firefox?
01:19rnewmanfirefoxTrouble: one or more of JavaScript, C++, Rust for Desktop; Java and JS for Android; or Swift for iOS.
01:22firefoxTroublewhat do you think is the expertise level that it's needed to colaborate?
01:27rnewmanfirefoxTrouble: it varies; there are bugs tagged [good first bug] that require only basic programming skill
01:28firefoxTroublei will try to get involve at the weekend :)
01:28rnewmangood luck!
01:49markhstuff for v8 of iOS is landing on the "v8.x" branch, and apparently also on master in the general case. What stuff lands on master but *not* v8.1, and vice-versa (ie, is there stuff that lands on v8.1 but not master)?
01:56firefoxTroublei see you later guys
01:56firefoxTroublegood hunt!
03:46rnewmanmarkh: strictly speaking, stuff intended for the next release is landed on or uplifted to the vX.x release branch
03:47rnewmanstuff marked tracking gets [needs uplift], and is approved for uplift
03:47rnewmangenerally stuff we wouldn't ship without
03:47rnewmanit's a simplified train model
03:52markhrnewman: ok, thanks - so in theory unstable stuff might land on master but not the "next version" branch, but in practice and as the release gets close, that's rare?
04:14rnewmanmarkh: exactly
04:14rnewmanoften folks are busy with the release near the end, so it looks like stuff just lands on both, but that ideally is uncommon
08:11k_szeIs there a way to lock the settings of Firefox for iOS, with a passcode or Touch ID?
15:31grishast3fan: sebastian are you around?
15:31st3fanyeah i'm in my vidyo room
18:45Caspy7had someone saying that Klar "is even more privacy focused. It has no dependency on google messenging service, telemetry off by default and the name."
18:46Caspy7then they link to an fdroid page of sorts...
22:31firefoxTroublehellooo guys
22:59nalexanderfirefoxTrouble: hi. What do you need?
23:04firefoxTroublei want to know more about the process of resolution of a bug
23:05firefoxTroublethe bug fixes depends only by the community?
23:05firefoxTroublewhere is the state of my bug?
23:05firebotBug 1379834 NEW, Window context bug in target="_blank" and
23:06firefoxTroublenew means that is accepted like a new bug?
23:43rnewmanfirefoxTrouble: "NEW" means that someone has confirmed it
23:43rnewmanfirefoxTrouble: then it gets triaged, put in the right place, and based on priority either someone volunteers to fix it, or a Mozilla employee is assigned to fix it
23:43rnewmanall updates and changes will be noted on the bug, and you'll get an email
23:44rnewmanyour developer tools bug (the responsive design mode) one might not be considered serious; it might already even be fixed
23:44rnewmanyour iOS bug is likely to be more urgent, but I can't speak on behalf of that team
23:54firefoxTroublethx for the info @renweman
23:58firefoxTrouble@rnewman you are an employee of mozilla? o.o?
13 Jul 2017
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