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11 Sep 2017
06:57suneetsriI am facing problem in build of mozilla firefox for android chck comment 8
06:57firebotBug 1394879 NEW, Replace TouchDelegate usage with TouchDelegateWithReset
08:29shatursuneetsri: can you pastebin your mozconfig file content?
09:29suneetsri@shatur : Pastebin always says data too long
09:47NadiHanyone now how use lockPref in fennec ?
09:47NadiHanyone know how use lockPref in fennec ?
09:54NadiHis there another channel for fennec development ?
14:09kr1shnafrom which stable version support for addons is suspended. 55.0.2 is refusing some addons. anybody around to help with test failures from bug 1394356 on the uplift to Beta?
15:12firebot FIXED, [Android O] Temporary disable "Add to Home screen" before we upgrade to API Level 25
15:12RyanVMnechen: you around?
15:13RyanVM(it's going to miss b11 otherwise)
17:15mcomellasebastian: Still around? wrt distribution titles, I was thinking maybe we should just show 2 lines for all distributions because there seem to be a lot of different cases and it's hard to keep track of them all. (
17:15firebotBug 1391413 NEW, Improve fennec top sites title for distributions: use page title and display two lines for legacy di
17:15mcomellasebastian: I was wondering if you'd agree
17:16mcomella(e.g. because I already spent so long on this and your comments are making me question whether I understand it so it'll be tough for anyone else to change this code in the future too)
17:19sebastianmcomella: Changing this to two lines for all distributions sounds good to me. I was mostly concerned about /system distributions that are unlikely to be updated.
17:22rnewmanmcomella: will you get to Bug 1378501 today?
17:22firebot ASSIGNED, Geolocation permission popup always shows in English
17:23mcomellarnewman: I was intending to
17:23rnewmanmuchas gracias
17:23mcomellarnewman: I assume there is no one else more appropriate to review? I don't really know the locale switching code
17:24rnewmanyou were the front-end person with the shortest review queue
17:24rnewmanfew other qualifications required :)
17:44mcomellaThat's what I get for trying to get reviews done in 24hr. :|
17:57rnewmanyou're a good person, mcomella :)
18:04grisharnewman: what are the chances we might get a bookmark record with type=bookmark and url=null?
18:06rnewmangrisha: in an ideal world, zero
18:06* rnewman laughs
18:06* grisha cries
18:07rnewmaniOS discards incoming records with no URI.
18:07rnewmanWhich means if a client _does_ upload one with a non-string URI, iOS will never consider the bookmark tree consistent.
18:08rnewmanso it does assume that the chance is small enough that we can maintain that invariant.
18:08grishaas far as i can tell, android will allow incoming null uris
18:08rnewmanEither way is fine, but that record would be totally invalid
18:08rnewmanit would be reasonable to convert such a record into a deleted tombstone
18:12suneetsrineed help when running ./mach gradle clean app:assembleLocalPhotonDebug
18:12suneetsrithe build fails in android studio
18:14JanHsuneetsri: but ./mach build && ./mach package worked? and can you pastebin the error message?
18:23suneetsriyes everything run exactly and the app was installed on phone ! but while configuring in the android studio its thwroing error
19:01suneetsriI am getting error that Build tools are too low for this app in gradle build in android studio
20:51katssnorp: is anybody running fennec with e10s enabled? in telemetry.m.o i see nonzero things for Firefox Mobile with e10s enabled
20:52snorpkats: should only be local builds using GeckoView
20:52snorpkats: or people who turned it on in fennec and hosed themselves
20:53snorpsince it flat out doesn't work
20:53katssnorp: interesting. i'll file something. seems pretty consistent
21:10mcomellarnewman: r+
21:10rnewmanthanks, mcomella (paging lizzard! :D )
21:11mcomellarnewman: There are some nits but nothing major
21:55botondBuild halp? |mach build| says "ERROR: javac 1.8 or higher is required (found 1.7.0_151)", but |java -version| says "openjdk version "1.8.0_131""
22:03mcomellabotond: What does <objdir>/config.status say under the &#39;JAVAC&#39; key-attr pair?
22:04botondmcomella: I don&#39;t have a config.status file. Possibly because I&#39;ve since re-run |mach bootstrap|. However, that is giving me an error as well:
22:04botondCalledProcessError: Command &#39;[&#39;/home/botond/.mozbuild/android-sdk-linux/tools/bin/sdkmanager&#39;, &#39;--package_file=/home/botond/dev/mozilla/refactoring/python/mozboot/mozboot/android-packages.txt&#39;]&#39; returned non-zero exit status 1
22:04botondAnd above that: &quot;Exception in thread &quot;main&quot; java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: com/android/sdklib/tool/SdkManagerCli : Unsupported major.minor version 52.0&quot;
22:05mcomellaSounds like something has gotten really messed up :\
22:06mcomellabotond: Is this only after updating to master or are you setting up a completely new build? I wonder if your best bet is just to check out an earlier revision
22:06mcomellaBut yeah, last time I mach bootstrapped, I remember having to piece together my install by hand unfortunately (macoS)
22:06botondmcomella: After updating to master, but the last time I built Fennec was like > 6 months ago
22:08mcomellabotond: Can you paste the full error?
22:08mcomellabotond: (but I think you might need to look through the errors to find out what&#39;s missing or misconfigured)
22:11botondmcomella: prior to that I had, after which I moved /home/botond/.mozbuild/android-sdk-linux out of the way as instructed
22:11mcomellabotond: Looks like this might be a Java issue, people on SO get the major version 52.0 when trying to build with AS:
22:12botondmcomella: ah! my JAVA_HOME points to Java 7. that would explain my previous problem as well
22:13botondmcomella: I thought having Java 8&#39;s &quot;java&quot; in my PATH would have been sufficient...
22:13mcomellatbh, I don&#39;t know who uses the path and who uses that envvar...
22:30botondmcomella: anyways, i seem to have a build going now. thanks for the help!
22:40nalexanderbotond: hmm. Interesting.
22:41nalexanderbotond: we require Java 8 now, and configure will fail if you don&#39;t have it, but the bootstrap isn&#39;t ensuring you have it, so the Java usage in the bootstrap fails.
22:41nalexanderbotond: what OS?
22:41nalexander(And distribution?)
22:45botondnalexander: Debian 8. I did have Java 8 installed, and in my PATH, but JAVA_HOME pointed to Java 7. That was my problem.
22:46nalexanderbotond: hmm. I&#39;m not sure how hard to work in the bootstrap to try to address that. Glad you&#39;re unblocked, and I think we&#39;ll leave it at that until further reports come in.
22:47botondnalexander: FWIW, as someone who only occasionally dabbles in Java / Android, upon seeing the error &quot;ERROR: javac 1.8 or higher is required (found 1.7.0_151)&quot;, I would have found a hint &quot;Check JAVA_HOME&quot; to be helpful
22:58nalexanderbotond: duly noted; I&#39;d stamp a patch to java.configure or wherever it lives.
12 Sep 2017
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