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11 Jul 2017
15:40sebastiansnorp: 350kb for the splash screen, omg :o
15:41snorpsebastian: not even sure how that happens
15:41snorpis it a 5MB image
15:41snorpraw bmp
17:26sebastiansnorp: I wonder if implementing this webextension API makes sense on Android:
17:26firebotBug 1363013 UNCONFIRMED, Implement browsingData.removePluginData WebExtension API method on android
17:26snorpsebastian: does not
17:26sebastiansnorp: The only plugin we support is Flash, right? And I guess we do not store any data for it?
17:27sebastiansnorp: Alright, thanks!
17:27snorpsebastian: we do store data for it
17:27snorpsebastian: I mean flash stores data itself
17:27snorpsebastian: but...I don't know if we even know how to remove it
17:27snorpsebastian: also we're killing flash
17:28sebastiansnorp: Has a decision been made? :)
17:30snorpsebastian: I don't know the status....
17:30snorpI guess we're trying to figure out if we can do it for 55?
17:31sebastianoh, even uplift?
17:31snorpI think abovens has suggested to pref it to off totally for 55
17:31snorpthen kill everything in 56
17:54wlachwow, we still support android flash?
20:58bcsnorp, esawin: thoughts on bug 1380134 ?
20:58firebot NEW, Crash [@ mozilla::jni::detail::NativePtr<mozilla::widget::GeckoEditableSupport, 2>::Clear<mozilla::j
12 Jul 2017
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