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11 Aug 2017
00:26nalexanderliuche: I added default to `simple_keyfile` for exactly this situation :)
00:27liuchenalexander: hmm, actually I realize I only want to require building with keys when MOZ_UPDATE_CHANNEL is release, beta, or nightly
00:28liucheand don't care about any other building situ
00:28nalexanderliuche: you can do a lot of things in `mobile/android/moz.configure`; see examples there and in `toolkit/moz.configure`
00:28nalexanderliuche: it's not always obvious, but it's not that complicated.
00:31liucheyeah, that's the right place to put it
00:35liucheI'm wondering what builds other than nightly, beta, and release we actually build though, for when I'm setting the key paths, since I'm setting the keys based on MOZ_UPDATE_CHANNEL anyway, I'm wondering what builds will get the "else" key
00:36liuchebut I'll make some try pushes and then just call it a day :)
07:23daleharveysnorp: wasnt around but will elaborate in the bug
09:22ahuntWhite favicon backgrounds look kinda odd with the new AS design - is that something that's known (or should I provide my own potential patches)?
09:25ahuntLol ok it is, bug 1324028 : )
09:25firebot ASSIGNED, Consider using edge colour as Favicon background if entire edge is one colour
14:59sebastianahunt: Yep, you already provided the bug and the code :D
17:01nalexanderliuche: re: "else" key, the l10n builds are pretty weird, since they're repacks and have different permissions than regular builds. Generally, l10n repacks get a --without-key argument; see the mozconfigs in the tree.
18:07grishaliuche: were you working on adding pocket keys to the build system?
18:11grishaliuche ERROR: You must specify --with-pocket-api-keyfile=/path/to/keyfile when building with MOZ_ANDROID_POCKET=1 - perhaps this is failing? - because i do have that file
18:11grishaalso, setting moz_android_pocket to 0 complains: mozbuild.configure.options.InvalidOptionError: MOZ_ANDROID_POCKET takes 0 values
18:23grishaliuche: i see NegativeOptionValue passed in to for pocket_api_keyfile - so no wonder it fails. now to figure out where that's being called.. apparently i can import inspect :/
18:26Sylvestresebastian, uploading
18:30liuchegrisha: so I mistakenly assumed that the mozconfigs/common were loaded for all builds, rather than just builder builds, so I'm going to enable it for nightly only - there's some work in that bug, and that's the first thing I'm finishing today so I can onbork everyone's builds
18:31grishaah, ok, that makes sense
18:31grishathanks liuche ! unborking would be nice :)
18:32liucheoh I agree so much x_x
18:33* grisha rebases bunch of things back to an old mc commit
18:33liuchegrisha: there's a workaround there by just adding a line to your mozconfig
18:33liuchelisted in the bug
18:35JanHSylvestre: since you're around, have you seen bug 1379374 yet?
18:35firebot NEW, Background tabs that haven't been touched will be lost on the first restart after upgrading to 55
18:36SylvestreJanH, snorp ok, thanks for the ping
18:37Sylvestredisabling update now
18:37Sylvestrewe took an hit in the avg rating :(
18:38snorpSylvestre: eek
18:39snorpJanH: weird, some people are saying bookmarks/addons are wiped?
18:40snorpfor people using sdcard apparently
18:40JanHsnorp: phew
18:41sebastianSylvestre: Thank you. Enjoy your weekend!
18:53liuchechmanchester: ping, just to clarify, adding things to the nightly mozconfigs will also add them to whatever mozconfigs beta/release use?
18:55nemolightweight dark themes look pretty bad in current nightly. I mean, nice of them to do a 50% opacity so the theme shows up more on mobile. But it's a 50% white. Kinda wish lightweight themes could specify whether they are dark or light, or firefox could detect it - it's been a longrunning problem on various platforms with lightweight themes
18:55nemomaybe the 50% opacity could just be used to highlight UI elements and rest left fully transparent
18:57chmanchesterliuche: in the case of android it appears beta/release use the nightly mozconfigs
18:58chmanchesterliuche: my thinking is that we should be doing approximately what MOZ_TELEMETRY_REPORTING is
18:59liucheyeah, that makes sense - I guess I assumed nightly was nightly-only, so things should be added to common, but in this case that should work
19:00liuchei wish there was better documentation on this stuff that made build system feel less like a rain dance
19:01liuchethanks again for your help chmanchester
19:02chmanchesterno problem!
19:04liucheohmygod MOZ_TELEMETRY_REPORTING is in so many different mozconfigs
19:21flod|travelJanH: ping?
19:21JanHflod|travel: pong
19:22flod|travelJanH: hi,
19:22firebotBug 1387078 FIXED, Disable one-touch-pinch feature in 55 release
19:22flod|travelwhat's the item to remove?
19:22flod|travel"Double tap and drag gesture allows one-handed zooming, consistent with other Android applications"?
19:22JanHflod|travel: yup
19:22flod|travelok, thanks
19:45WG9sJust asking am i way out of line in thinking all of the code relating to how android pocket does and does not get enabled should be termed as spaghetti code?
19:46WG9sI have an idea how to fix it but i am so unable to follow the current code that i acnnot figure out how to distengle all of it first.
19:52WG9sI have never before seen something that is an environmental variable passed in for what you want to do but somehow the configure process changes the value of the environmental variable this is all just really a bad idea. I think the whole thing needs to be removed and re applied in a correct manor, just my opinion.
19:54grishaWG9s: I trust that this particular quirk will be sorted out in due time. You've expressed your concerns in the bug, I think they're well understood. This is not the best, nor the worst thing we have in the code base, and it is an actively moving target, as the development is ongoing and changes are landing daily.
20:18WG9sgrisha: I know it is just one thing contolled or not so much by an envirronment varialbe because it actually sort of ignores and changes the value and another by a mozconfig option that the code wants ot be in sync. kind of prescription for problems.
22:30mcomellaWho should I talk to regarding a11y on mobile?
22:31mcomella(for best practices/learning resources)
22:45nalexandermcomella: jchen knows a lot about the technical details of a11y in Fennec.
22:46nalexanderjchen: but that's not really "how to make things accessible".
22:46mcomellaYeah, I'm looking for the latter
22:47* mcomella thinks to search "accessibility" on phonebook instead of "a11y" - Marco sounds familiar!
12 Aug 2017
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