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10 Aug 2017
05:19mib_5ends1Can anybody tell me more about this thread
08:45Tacitus-Many possibility for e10s,servo on android???
09:00Tacitus-Mit would be great to have process isolation and seccomp capabilities for fennec and multiprocess for multi-core processors.
13:29snorpTacitus-M: GeckoView supports e10s
13:29snorpTacitus-M: servo works on Android, but they haven't yet built a nice way of using it there
13:30snorpTacitus-M: seccomp is only in Android O I think
13:31Sylvestresebastian, we are live with the new icon on google play
13:31sebastianSylvestre: Yay! \o/
13:32snorpconfirmed, I see it here
13:32snorpwe should update our icons more often
13:32snorpnothing generates more buzz :)
13:33Tacitus-Mno sir secomp(backports) works in greater than lollipop but seccomp bpf works on above kernel 3.10 and and lollipop, in android o they are introducing seccomp sandbox to every process.
13:34snorpTacitus-M: oh really?
13:34snorphuh neat
13:35Tacitus-Msir i read about geckoview and adb conmands on bugzilla but will it be available to end-user like us.
13:36snorpTacitus-M: how do you mean
13:37snorpTacitus-M: you mean e10s?
13:37snorpTacitus-M: if we move fennec to use GeckoView, end users would (or at least could) get e10s, yes
13:38snorpTacitus-M: there is some debate on whether or not e10s is actually a good idea on android, however
16:31snorpesawin: why does it seem like GeckoViewContent.jsm is not loaded when we're using GV in fennec?
16:34snorpoh, hmm, I may have some stale files causing it
16:38snorpno I'm just stupid
16:38esawinsnorp: no content listener set?
16:38snorpesawin: right
16:39snorpesawin: I just need to put my bit in the init() section so it's there all the time
16:40esawinsnorp: right, init would be called regardless
16:44mcomellaliuche, sebastian, ekager: I guess we'll postpone the android meeting until next week due to mobile product updates?
16:45liucheor we should just have it at the same time as ios lololol
19:13esawindroeh: do you still have the link for the custom tabs test app apk?
20:04guigsHi there, could someone reach out to this user, I am aware that it breaks parts of firefox, but I am not sure if there was a bug to point them to?
20:06esawinsnorp: I think display mode would work best as a setting, it's really not a listener
20:06snorpesawin: oh a setting
20:07snorpright, it's not a listener
20:07esawinsnorp: we should be able to support it fine without changes that way
20:07snorpesawin: fair enough, I'll change to a setting
20:08esawinsnorp: you might not even need a frame script, since it's just setting a variable, same as TP
20:08snorpesawin: indeed, exactly like tp
20:16droehesawin: yeah,
20:16droehesawin: I also have the apk on my dropbox if you want to skip building it;
20:18esawindroeh: thanks!
20:19droehoh also snorp: it turns out chrome is not putting ads in their custom tabs, it is actually a weird thing that example app^ does
20:19snorpdroeh: hah
20:19snorpdroeh: showing how an app could do it
20:19snorpI wonder if we support that
20:19esawinwe shouldn't
20:19snorp"don't implement ads"
20:20snorpwe should support it
20:20snorpbut let people opt out
20:20snorpmaybe :/
20:20droehit looks like it isn't even an ad? It looks like an ad pretending to be a shitty fake media player but it actually is a media player
20:21droehalthough it could be used for ads presumably
20:21esawinthat was idealistic me talking, just ignore it
20:21snorpdroeh: so you can pack any view you want in there huh
20:21droehlooks like it
20:21esawinwouldn't the dynamic toolbar work for that, kinda?
20:22snorponly if you want it to scroll away
20:22snorpdroeh: can you paste you dropbox link to that apk
20:44esawinwth is this: ERROR: You must specify --with-pocket-api-keyfile=/path/to/keyfile when building with MOZ_ANDROID_POCKET=1
20:44esawinjust pulled from m-c
20:46esawinthat string is not even in the tree?
20:46esawinnvm it is
20:47snorpwhat is MOZ_ANDROID_POCKET=1
20:47snorpactivity stream related?
20:47snorpsebastian: ^^^
20:47esawinsomething's gone wrong there, need to file a bug
20:47snorpor mcomella?
20:48mcomellaliuche: ^
20:48snorptypical mcomella
20:48snorppass the buck
20:49mcomellaI can't find MOZ_ANDROID_POCKET in dxr... :\
20:49liucheesawin: ah yeah, that's something that I've added
20:50snorpdxr not updated yet apparently
20:50esawinliuche: looks like it's defined somewhere by accident, want me to file a bug or known issue?
20:50snorpdaleharvey: around?
20:50snorpdaleharvey: can you elaborate on bug 1363052
20:50firebot NEW, Web Apps - Re-launching a web app with an internal/external page opened, resets is to the homepage
20:51liucheesawin: hmm let me think, I want them to be enabled by default, but maybe I need to add one more line to include the dummy key file
20:51liuchee.g., I should add a --with-keyfile to the dev mozconfig
20:52snorpdaleharvey: we're explicitly saving/restoring the original URI when the activity is created with saved state, but why?
20:52liucheor rather, it should be off for dev builds, and only on by default for release, beta, nightly builds
20:52liucheesawin: I will file, and drop the bug in here
20:54esawinliuche: thanks
20:54liuchein the meantime, you can add --with-pocket-api-keyfile=mobile/android/base/pocket-api-sandbox.token
20:54liuchewhich should be in the tree
20:56mcomellaliuche: fwiw, adjust's keys might have a set-up similar to yours if you wanted to try to learn from its set-up (which wasn't perfect when I was playing around with it)
20:56esawinliuche: yep, seems to build now
20:56liuchemcomella: that's what I was building off of :P but those keys are turned off by default, whereas I think we want them on for our nightly/beta/release
20:57liucheand actually, maybe even dev
20:57liuchehmmm, i thought that there was a line that pointed to the dummy key that I added...
21:01liucheesawin: filed bug 1389257
21:01firebot NEW, Use default Pocket API key file for dev builds
21:01esawinliuche: you're setting it in /mobile/android/config/mozconfigs/common, but for some reason that's not going through
21:02liucheYeah, I thought I did set a default but I'll investigate that and fix it - sorry for the breakage!
21:03esawinnp, I was confused because searchfox/dxr didn't pick up that string at all
21:17esawinTIL about template literals and that I'll need a different keyboard if I want to use them regularly
21:23RyanVMhas anybody else complained today about a broken viewport on today's nightly?
21:24RyanVMlike I've got a postage stamp-sized area actually showing content and the rest is just blank
21:41SeburoRyanVM: Nightly has been working fine for me.
21:43RyanVMhrm, switching away from Nightly and then back using the app switcher made it reset
21:43snorpRyanVM: no problems here
21:43snorpbut rbarker is having some badness
21:43snorpbut he breaks stuff
21:44RyanVMbad rbarker!
21:50esawinthe new ui is really nice
21:51esawinbut we should register before someone else does
21:56esawinand desktop is pretty edgy now
22:10liuchechmanchester: ping, I have a question on some fallout from bug 1386906 - specifically, why isn't this --with-pocket-api-keyfile line not being added to dev builds, even though it's in mozconfigs/common?
22:10firebot FIXED, Add Pocket keys to build system
22:10liucheand bug 1389257 is the one I've filed for the failing local dev builds
22:10firebot NEW, "ERROR: You must specify --with-pocket-api-keyfile" - use default Pocket API key file for dev builds
22:10chmanchesterliuche: in-tree mozconfigs are never added to local dev builds by default
22:11chmanchesterI think it's an error specify one in your mozconfig these days even
22:13liuchechmanchester: ok interesting - so if I want this file to be specified in local builds, is there somewhere I can add it? afaik we'd like to have it turned on for dev builds too, but I guess the alternative would be to have the MOZ_ANDROID_POCKET flag turned on only for nightly/beta/release?
22:14chmanchesterliuche: I guess I would just provide a default, if that's what we want...
22:14chmanchestersimple_keyfile has a "default" parameter
11 Aug 2017
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