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7 Aug 2017
16:48digitaraldfrank: trying to make sense of ghost window metric:
16:51digitaraldthis is of course not the 0% of sessions metrics I wanted to track, but just to see how far the number changes from quantum_ready false vs true
17:05digitaraldwlach|afk: ^
17:20frankdigitarald: wow that is a hard plot to read
17:21digitaraldfrank: rrright, I expected some more daya
17:21digitaraldseems like the gaps mean "no ghost windows found"?
17:22frankdigitarald: might help to limit to just groups that have client_count > 10 or something
17:22franksome of those just have 1 client
17:23frankbut yeah, gaps are definitely fraction = 0
17:23frank( maybe make the y axis a bit below 0 to have a line for 0?)
17:24digitaraldfrank: `total_clients > 20` Error running query: line 55:19: '>' cannot be applied to varbinary, integer
17:25digitaraldfiddling with subsession_length > 100
17:26frankdigitarald: gotta do cardinality(cast(total_clients AS HLL))
17:32digitaraldfrank: k
17:33digitaraldfrank: so what I have with the fraction is "% of clients", right?
17:33frankdigitarald: right
17:33digitaraldfrank: ok, just making sure. as I now have to do the round with the people that thought the measure so far did not include addons ;)
18:12frankdigitarald: are you currently getting ghost_window rate from bsmedberg's data
18:12digitaraldfrank: for the dashboard, yes
18:13frankdigitarald: because it seems there is something different than the release criteria in Mana
18:13frankdigitarald: that uses % of subsessions
18:13frankbut the release criteria says % of sessions
18:14frankwhich... may or may not be similar
18:29frankdigitarald: is bsmedberg the owner of the Ghost windows responsiveness metric for Quantum?
18:29digitaraldfrank: owner on the metrics side or fixing bugs to improve it?
18:29frankon the metrics side
18:31digitaraldlets try Stuart
18:33frankdigitarald: great, I'll ni him
18:43digitaraldfrank: I also checked with thuelbert that we need to have a better answer for this
18:43frankdigitarald: good, I agree. I ni'd stuart on
20:35digitaraldfrank: I am happy to be the owner for that question
20:36digitaraldstuart is also on pto
21:34frankdigitarald: perfect, take it!
8 Aug 2017
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