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17 Jul 2017
14:22cloudops-ansibledata/missioncontrol build #49 deployed to dev
14:25cloudops-ansibledata/missioncontrol build #50 deployed to dev
16:38wlachwhd: welcome back :)
16:38whdwlach: do you want to meet?
16:38wlachwhd: I don't think we need to. the only thing I have to bring up in an ops context is
16:39whdI will take a look
16:39wlachwhd: would you like to review that? it adds some celery workers to mc, much like we have/had with atmo. I was going to get robotblake to review it while you were away, but he was busy with other stuff.
16:40wlachI think he said he might have time to look at it today tho
16:41whdok, I will coordinate with him and somebody will review it ;)
16:41wlachcool :)
16:42whdunrelated: the streaming job crashed a couple of times while I was out, and I will be looking into why this week
16:42whdand doing backfills
19:41wlachstandups: business logic to not get data for weird versions
19:41standupsOk, submitted #48295 for
18 Jul 2017
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