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14 Jul 2017
17:18digitaraldwlach: what exactly do I need to know? Will there be new fields for MTBF, not only client count?
17:19wlachdigitarald: based on what frank is saying it looks like you will need to calculate mtbf yourself, but it shouldn't be hard
17:20wlachi.e. just divide one sum by another
17:20digitaraldwlach: yes, I did that:
17:22wlachdigitarald: ok great
17:25frankwlach: these are all being displayed on the mission control frontend, right?
17:25wlachfrank: not yet
17:26frankwell, eventually is what I meant :)
17:26wlachfrank: I am *this* close to getting the crash stuff displaying on the frontend
17:26frankheckkk yeah!
17:27wlachfrank: but yes, the idea is to display most of the stuff in error aggregates in the frontend... or at least some useful subset of it
17:29frankwlach: okay, got it
17:29wlachgoing back to my comment yesterday about not wanting to re-implement redash :)
17:35cloudops-ansibledata/missioncontrol build #47 deployed to dev
17:59wlachstandups: prototype now working! \o/ (warning: very slow for now)
17:59standupsOk, submitted #48231 for
18:57cloudops-ansibledata/missioncontrol build #48 deployed to dev
15 Jul 2017
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