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9 Aug 2017
15:30JSON_voorhees_6a68: Do you think you might have some time to look over today?
15:30JSON_voorheesIt's actually not as big as it looks, I wrote about that in the description
15:31JSON_voorheesMost of the changes are file movement and changing of imports
15:32JSON_voorheesI'm leaning towards just merging it at the end of today, since QA has looked at it quite a bit
15:49_6a68JSON_voorhees: you should just merge it. screenshots is on fire again
15:49_6a68I think QA should give it a really good pass and file bugs
15:49_6a68sorry :-\
15:58JSON_voorheesNo problem _6a68
16:35GitHub83[min-vid] meandavejustice force-pushed sdk-to-webextension from 32865c9 to a9bacc0:
16:35GitHub83min-vid/sdk-to-webextension a9bacc0 Dave Justice: Port to Bootstrapped WebExtension...
16:55GitHub92[min-vid] meandavejustice force-pushed sdk-to-webextension from a9bacc0 to 37b9ef4:
16:55GitHub92min-vid/sdk-to-webextension 37b9ef4 Dave Justice: Port to Bootstrapped WebExtension...
18:31GitHub123[min-vid] meandavejustice force-pushed sdk-to-webextension from 37b9ef4 to 58ccfe4:
18:31GitHub123min-vid/sdk-to-webextension 58ccfe4 Dave Justice: Port to Bootstrapped WebExtension...
18:33GitHub168[min-vid] meandavejustice pushed 1 new commit to master:
18:33GitHub168min-vid/master 0527765 Dave Justice: Port to Bootstrapped WebExtension (#957)...
18:33GitHub47[min-vid] meandavejustice closed pull request #957: sdk to embedded webextension (master...sdk-to-webextension)
18:33GitHub82[min-vid] meandavejustice deleted sdk-to-webextension at 58ccfe4:
18:33GitHub143[min-vid] greenkeeper[bot] deleted greenkeeper/get-video-id-2.1.5 at abc0b1e:
18:33GitHub101[min-vid] greenkeeper[bot] deleted greenkeeper/cross-env-5.0.5 at 47a8423:
18:33GitHub174[min-vid] greenkeeper[bot] deleted greenkeeper/cross-env-5.0.4 at 71b5a88:
18:33GitHub19[min-vid] greenkeeper[bot] closed pull request #955: Update cross-env to the latest version (master...greenkeeper/cross-env-5.0.4)
18:33GitHub91[min-vid] greenkeeper[bot] deleted greenkeeper/cross-env-5.0.3 at f0003bd:
18:34GitHub149[min-vid] greenkeeper[bot] deleted greenkeeper/gl-waveform-2.4.4 at bba0260:
18:34GitHub38[min-vid] greenkeeper[bot] deleted greenkeeper/react-15.6.1 at ee2a14e:
18:34GitHub145[min-vid] greenkeeper[bot] deleted greenkeeper/react-dom-15.6.1 at d57cca4:
18:34GitHub138[min-vid] greenkeeper[bot] deleted greenkeeper/react-player-0.19.0 at 1d1dca3:
18:34GitHub104[min-vid] greenkeeper[bot] deleted greenkeeper/react-player-0.19.1 at 97b6a92:
18:34GitHub111[min-vid] greenkeeper[bot] deleted greenkeeper/storybook-host-4.0.0 at 9088c43:
18:34GitHub124[min-vid] greenkeeper[bot] closed pull request #958: Update storybook-host to the latest version (master...greenkeeper/storybook-host-4.0.0)
18:34GitHub47[min-vid] greenkeeper[bot] deleted greenkeeper/storybook-host-3.0.0 at c60858e:
22:09GitHub46[min-vid] greenkeeper[bot] created greenkeeper/eslint-plugin-react-7.2.0 (+1 new commit):
22:09GitHub46min-vid/greenkeeper/eslint-plugin-react-7.2.0 e681274 greenkeeper[bot]: chore(package): update eslint-plugin-react to version 7.2.0
22:20GitHub154[min-vid] greenkeeper[bot] opened pull request #965: Update eslint-plugin-react to the latest version (master...greenkeeper/eslint-plugin-react-7.2.0)
22:34GitHub54[min-vid] meandavejustice created release-0.4.0 (+1 new commit):
22:34GitHub54min-vid/release-0.4.0 940d886 Dave Justice: Release 0.4.0...
22:35GitHub88[min-vid] meandavejustice opened pull request #966: Release 0.4.0 (master...release-0.4.0)
23:35GitHub121[min-vid] meandavejustice closed pull request #966: Release 0.4.0 (master...release-0.4.0)
23:35GitHub169[min-vid] meandavejustice pushed 1 new commit to master:
23:35GitHub169min-vid/master a0649e1 Dave Justice: Release 0.4.0 (#966)...
23:35GitHub101[min-vid] meandavejustice deleted release-0.4.0 at 940d886:
10 Aug 2017
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