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7 Sep 2017
19:06GitHub130[min-vid] meandavejustice created 964-hide-icon-in-fullscreen (+1 new commit):
19:06GitHub130min-vid/964-hide-icon-in-fullscreen f0518f8 Dave Justice: hide overlay icon when in fullscreen mode...
19:07GitHub7[min-vid] meandavejustice opened pull request #1033: hide overlay icon when in fullscreen mode (master...964-hide-icon-in-fullscreen)
19:51GitHub116[min-vid] mozilla-pontoon pushed 1 new commit to master:
19:51GitHub116min-vid/master 79d300c Cristian Silaghi: Pontoon: Update Romanian (ro) localization of Test Pilot: Min Vid...
8 Sep 2017
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