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6 Oct 2017
11:31GitHub186[min-vid] mozilla-pontoon pushed 1 new commit to master:
11:31GitHub186min-vid/master 8637f2a Enol: Pontoon: Update Asturian (ast) localization of Test Pilot: Min Vid...
11:52GitHub23[min-vid] mozilla-pontoon pushed 1 new commit to master:
11:52GitHub23min-vid/master 7283a7e Enol: Pontoon: Update Asturian (ast) localization of Test Pilot: Min Vid...
15:40JSON_voorheesclouserw: checkout the scrollback here from yesterday ^^
15:42clouserwah, you already thought of my other question, but just to confirm, shield studies can't be pure web extensions? is that true?
15:42JSON_voorheesclouserw: true
15:42JSON_voorheesthey need bootstrap for the instrumentation utils
15:43JSON_voorheesalso min vid just can't be a pure webextension, because of the windowing things we do
15:43clouserwright. was just wondering for future add-ons. I hadn't considered that
15:43JSON_voorheesI see
15:44JSON_voorheesThe example linked above is pretty good,
15:45JSON_voorheesand I'm sure docs will be better soon, but it's gunne be pretty easy to wrap webextensions with the proper utils
15:45JSON_voorheestho it will affect the build process for those addons
15:50clouserwJSON_voorhees: I'll send an email out to legal/privacy
15:58JSON_voorheessounds good, thanks clouserw
15:58JSON_voorheescan you cc me?
15:58clouserwalready did
16:08GitHub122[min-vid] meandavejustice created 1060-shield-utils (+1 new commit):
16:08GitHub122min-vid/1060-shield-utils 75af7fb Dave Justice: WIP adding shield study utils
17:04clouserwJSON_voorhees: does the traffic we send to GA proxy through our servers?
17:22JSON_voorheesclouserw: I don't think so
17:22JSON_voorheespretty sure it goes directly to ga, but we have an arrangement with them for the mozilla account
17:22JSON_voorheeswhere our data is supposed to be not touched by them
17:23JSON_voorheesthe min vid ga stuff is going to my personal account though
17:34JSON_voorheesclouserw: the ga cleanup server is pretty a good testpilot idea
17:38clouserw(re: email) let's talk next week when john is back about what we want to do then
17:43JSON_voorheesclouserw: sounds good to me
7 Oct 2017
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