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17 Jul 2017
11:20GitHub126[min-vid] greenkeeper[bot] created greenkeeper/react-player-0.19.1 (+1 new commit):
11:20GitHub126min-vid/greenkeeper/react-player-0.19.1 97b6a92 greenkeeper[bot]: chore(package): update react-player to version 0.19.1...
15:50JSON_voorheesHey _6a68, I never did figure out why window-utils couldn't be imported
15:51JSON_voorheesI'm just gunna move those methods into the same file for now, cus I've spent too much time on that
16:23JSON_voorheesany idea why setTimeout wouldn't be accessible in bootstrap.js?
16:23JSON_voorhees_6a68: ^
16:27_6a68yes, in chrome code you need to explicitly load it, one sec
16:27JSON_voorheesThink i found it, gre/modules/accessibility/utils
16:28_6a68 'resource://gre/modules/Timer.jsm' is what you want
16:28_6a68accessibility utils seems like a weird place to grab it from
16:29_6a68kinda like borrowing test utils
16:29JSON_voorheesahh okay
19:22JSON_voorhees_6a68: got the window opening up on load, just working on messaging now
19:23JSON_voorheeswhich I should be able to use the same messaging you set up initially, just gunna pass messages back and forth through the port between bootstrap and webextension
19:23JSON_voorheesyour comments in the bootstrap.js file were _really_ helpful, thanks again for that _6a68
18 Jul 2017
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