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15 Mar 2017
01:02GitHub152[min-vid] meandavejustice force-pushed queue from 98734af to 2854378:
01:02GitHub152min-vid/queue 2854378 Dave Justice: WIP...
02:31GitHub196[min-vid] mozilla-pontoon pushed 1 new commit to master:
02:31GitHub196min-vid/master b6fea96 ravmn: Pontoon: Update Spanish (es-CL) localization of Test Pilot: Min Vid...
04:47moses_hello, is there a tracking bug available for the min-vid experiment or a site where I can track its progress if/when it gets pushed to release?
12:57JSON_voorheesThere wasn't a tracking but for the last release, (metrics updates)
12:57JSON_voorheesBut I can create one for the next release
12:58JSON_voorheesnm looks like moses is gone
13:33GitHub70[min-vid] meandavejustice force-pushed queue from 2854378 to dd70a1b:
13:33GitHub70min-vid/queue dd70a1b Dave Justice: WIP...
17:02JSON_voorheesckprice: clouserw jgruen standup?
17:02ckpriceJSON_voorhees: clouserw jgruen bah, forgot about this speaker series
17:03clouserwyeah, be there in 2 min
19:54GitHub84[min-vid] meandavejustice force-pushed queue from dd70a1b to c0d8163:
19:54GitHub84min-vid/queue c0d8163 Dave Justice: WIP...
16 Mar 2017
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