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14 Mar 2017
16:35GitHub120[min-vid] greenkeeper[bot] created greenkeeper/cross-env-3.2.4 (+1 new commit):
16:35GitHub120min-vid/greenkeeper/cross-env-3.2.4 471f047 greenkeeper[bot]: chore(package): update cross-env to version 3.2.4...
18:57clouserwJSON_voorhees: did min vid release?
18:58clouserwoh, I see it now
18:58clouserw^ I was confused because the top commit there is from Jan 26
19:10GitHub158[min-vid] mozilla-pontoon pushed 1 new commit to master:
19:10GitHub158min-vid/master 807b399 Jobava: Pontoon: Update Romanian (ro) localization of Test Pilot: Min Vid...
19:43JSON_voorheesclouserw: yeah, that happened in the rebase because of the way I commited the uglify fix last release
15 Mar 2017
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