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14 Jul 2017
19:15JSON_voorheesHey _6a68 I'm having trouble with EXPORTED_SYMBOLS somehow
19:15JSON_voorheesThis is essentially what I'm doing
19:16_6a68that looks fine. how are you loading it?
19:16_6a68and what's the bug you're seeing?
19:17JSON_voorheeswith defineLazyModuleGetter
19:17JSON_voorheesit's just undefined
19:19_6a68Try doing a direct Cu.import
19:19_6a68probably won't make a difference, but might
19:19JSON_voorheesnot working either
19:19JSON_voorheesI'll push and link directly to the code
19:20JSON_voorheesIt's probably something wrong in window-utils, that is just silently failing
19:20GitHub28[min-vid] meandavejustice force-pushed sdk-to-webextension from 9cc77be to 55ef047:
19:20GitHub28min-vid/sdk-to-webextension 55ef047 Dave Justice: youtube and sc requests working again
19:22JSON_voorheesOh I'm using an es6 feature that might not be supported
20:02_6a68what es6 feature?
20:03_6a68JSON_voorhees: you can get window mediator from 'Services.wm'. No need for the elaborate incantation here
20:03_6a68that file seems fine to me, I'm not sure why it wouldn't work
20:04_6a68Note that Cu.importing files requires having the correct base URL, dunno if that should be chrome://blah or resource://blah or moz-extension://blah
20:06_6a68One thing you can try is to put the chrome URL in your browser and see if the script appears. THat works for resource URLs, I think it should work for chrome URLs too
20:06_6a68er, like put it in the urlbar
15 Jul 2017
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