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12 Jul 2017
16:17JSON_voorhees_6a68: I got min-vid kinda buildling, just have to keep going through the webextension to see why individual stuff isn't working
16:17JSON_voorheesgoing in order of what is called on load up
16:18JSON_voorheesI haven't verified that the window is launching with our frontend yet, thats the thing I'm really trying to get to!
16:18JSON_voorheesand the messaging for that
16:18JSON_voorheesI've already written what I think should work, but just gotta get that to run :)
16:18JSON_voorheesShould get to that today/tomorrow is the plan
16:19JSON_voorheesI stayed up til about 4 last night working on it
16:20_6a68nice, I miss all night sessions in the flow state
16:28JSON_voorheesI wouldn't say I was exactly in the flow
16:28JSON_voorheeslol, But I was up all night
16:29cwreAre there plans to allow for resizing of the window?
16:45JSON_voorheescwre: you can resize the window manually, via addon preferences. There are plans to eventually expose that with a better ui
16:45cwreJSON_voorhees: awesome, thanks! Sick name, btw
16:50JSON_voorheesthanks :)
13 Jul 2017
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