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11 Oct 2017
07:29rofl(accessible with tunnel)
07:29rofl(kiwi client on webpage)
17:04JSON_voorheesjgruen: clouserw that was weird I could hear yall fine
17:05JSON_voorheesanyways, that date works fine for me, all I was saying is that i commonly misspell that word also
17:05JSON_voorheesreally important stuff
17:05clouserwnov 1 seems far away. I'd like to be done with our part sooner
18:45GitHub140[min-vid] greenkeeper[bot] created greenkeeper/webpack-3.7.0 (+1 new commit):
18:45GitHub140min-vid/greenkeeper/webpack-3.7.0 c8db8c9 greenkeeper[bot]: chore(package): update webpack to version 3.7.0
19:05GitHub105[min-vid] greenkeeper[bot] opened pull request #1085: Update webpack to the latest version (master...greenkeeper/webpack-3.7.0)
20:20GitHub90[min-vid] greenkeeper[bot] created greenkeeper/webpack-3.7.1 (+1 new commit):
20:20GitHub90min-vid/greenkeeper/webpack-3.7.1 971420f greenkeeper[bot]: chore(package): update webpack to version 3.7.1...
12 Oct 2017
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