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10 Aug 2017
14:02GitHub48[min-vid] greenkeeper[bot] created greenkeeper/webpack-3.5.3 (+1 new commit):
14:02GitHub48min-vid/greenkeeper/webpack-3.5.3 e902a10 greenkeeper[bot]: chore(package): update webpack to version 3.5.3
14:34GitHub63[min-vid] greenkeeper[bot] opened pull request #971: Update webpack to the latest version (master...greenkeeper/webpack-3.5.3)
15:39clouserwJSON_voorhees: what's the min vid status? the sdk removal patches landed
15:51JSON_voorheesclouserw: it's good to go
15:52JSON_voorheesJust need to push to prod
15:52JSON_voorheeshere is the release commit
15:54JSON_voorheesI haven't heard anything else from qa today so I think we're good to go clouserw
16:04GitHub159[min-vid] meandavejustice merged master into production:
16:04JSON_voorheesclouserw: ^^
20:34GitHub54[min-vid] greenkeeper[bot] created greenkeeper/addons-linter-0.22.8 (+1 new commit):
20:34GitHub54min-vid/greenkeeper/addons-linter-0.22.8 8fd08b6 greenkeeper[bot]: chore(package): update addons-linter to version 0.22.8...
11 Aug 2017
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