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8 Oct 2017
07:58fippopehrsons: is there a standard or moz equivalent to videoEl.webkitDecodedFrameCount?
08:10fippomozDecodedFrameCount seems 0 for webrtc videos
10:00pehrsonsfippo: there are a bunch, but decoded is just for playback I think:
10:00pehrsonsSo mozPaintedFrames should still work
15:34jyakentuckyfriedtakahe: finally made it home... I ended up visiting Germany
15:35jyawhich is good if you like sausage and pretzel... but not as nice if you were never scheduled to go through that country.
16:53kentuckyfriedtakahejya: if it is any consolation, my trip was uneventful
20:55cpearceCaspy7: have you seen anyone complaining about problems with Netflix in Firefox 56? Netflix reported a spike in errors to us starting on about Sep 29, but I'm at a loss to explain why.
20:57cpearceMaybe it's this:
20:57Caspy7cpearce: I've seen a couple of reports of getting errors and they couldn't solve it. Hasn't felt like a rash though
21:05Caspy7&quot;This worked! THANK YOU <3 Passing this on to the others I know who were also having this problem (some who just left the browser)&quot;
21:05Caspy7I feel like it&#39;s important to keep in mind the mentality of many internet users
21:06Caspy7for every one person who reaches out, there&#39;s probably many many more who did not
21:07Caspy7There is a common theme on reddit that youtube sucks in Firefox
21:08Caspy7so I&#39;m concerned about users that we may be losing because hardware acceleration is messed up or some other complaint
9 Oct 2017
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