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16 Jul 2017
20:05Caspy7got someone in #firefox asking if sndio it be sticking around as an option
20:05Caspy7they referred to the removal of ALSA
20:05Caspy7I have no idea about these topics. Thought someone here might
20:38kinetikCaspy7: sndio isn't officially supported (i.e. no staff work on it), it's a contributed backend
20:39kinetikthe alsa backend still exists in the same form
20:40Caspy7kinetik: ok, someone else chimed in and said that it was Freebsd that adds sndio
20:40kinetikCaspy7: it was contributed by OpenBSD people
20:41kinetiki wasn't aware freebsd supported sndio, but maybe it does
20:49Caspy7thanks for the info
22:08cpearceWhy is AudioChannel a DOM binding? I don't see it exposed to JS anywhere, or did I miss something?
22:09cpearceMaybe it's a historical left over from the B2G days?
17 Jul 2017
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