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14 May 2017
03:09jesupv57 mac builds on try, finally. A number of 10.8+ interfaces used in screensharing - our builders only have the 10.7 SDK. If we had a later SDK we could build with a target of 10.7 with less pain... (which IIRC what does, though I think Chrome is 10.9 min (or maybe even 10.10))
11:38jesupdminor|afk: ng: pehrsons: v57 on mac has basically the same oranges as linux (simulcastAnswer); there was one h264 failure that we'll need to look at. fix simulcast and things are pretty close.
12:41jesup|macScreen/window/app capture all works (on 10.11, but built with 10.7 target and SDK)
18:24jesup|macLooks like the RID extension isn't properly registered. May be an easy fix
19:24Caspy7jya: woah, bit of saltiness there :)
19:25jyaCaspy7: where?
19:26Caspy7jya: nothing drastic I mean
19:26firebotBug 1361984 FIXED, [Fennec][HLS] Make the H264Converter which treats the sample with AnnexB format correctly.
19:26jyaWhat do you mean by saltiness?
19:27Caspy7jya: saltiness is a bit of attitude
19:28Caspy7forget it
19:28jyaI don't think i did anything of the sort here. Though maybe I should have.
19:29jyaI log in for the first time since Friday morning (just came back from Taiwan after 19.5 hours flight). Only to find YouTube broken.
19:29jyaAnd to make things worse the code that was submitted to me for review had been changed (and that change is what broke it)
19:29jyaBroken YouTube == broken internet in my book :(
19:30jyaI can make a quick fix, but it won't be in central for a while nor the official build
19:32Caspy7jya: agreed. There are some very frustrated Nightly users right now
19:33Caspy7I turned off updates (for a couple days) and downloaded a few days old build
19:33Caspy7before gmail broke
19:33jyaasking the sheriff to backout the change in central
19:33jyashould give us a nightly quicker
19:35jyaCaspy7: you can set media.mediasource.webm.enabled to true
19:35Caspy7jya: true, only helps youtube though
19:35jyathat will prevent the corruption (youtube will now serve VP9 instead)
19:36Caspy7on reddit I end up with a lot of imgur gifvs though
19:36jyastill the vast majority of videos that would be affected by the problem
19:36jyawhat machine do you have?
19:39jyaCaspy7: the change was backed out
19:41jyanow have to wait a few hours for the next nightly build
19:41Caspy7jya: machine, you want to know the model? Um, it's a Dell...Inspiron 15-5568
19:41jyawhat did you mean by imgur gifs stuff?
19:43Caspy7jya: nowadays imgur uses "GIFV"s which are a bit of a hybrid, um, web page, that tries to be intelligent and send mp4, webm or gif depending on the capability of your client
19:43Caspy7they're used frequently on reddit
19:44Caspy7I use an extension called imagus which shows previews/shows the video on hover
19:45Caspy7guessing it usually or always sends mp4 for me
19:48jyaah so they no longer play those videos
19:49Caspy7the videos work, it was just that many were very glitchy
19:59jyai'm surprised you can see anthing
19:59jyawith that change, nothing would be decodable for the first few seconds
19:59jyaactually, it shouldn't be decodable at all
19:59jyasurprised that you could see anything
20:00Caspy7jya: is it possible that change happened after bug 1364558 ?
20:00firebot ASSIGNED, Artifacts in H.264/AVC videos after landing patch from bug #1361984
20:01jyano... there's nothing that could have made it better
20:01Caspy7ok, well that bug seems to point the blame directly at bug 1361984
20:01firebot FIXED, [Fennec][HLS] Make the H264Converter which treats the sample with AnnexB format correctly.
20:11Caspy7jya: this comment pins the blame on that change
20:11firebotBug 1364558 ASSIGNED, Artifacts in H.264/AVC videos after landing patch from bug #1361984
20:12jyabug 1361984 has been reverted.
20:12firebot FIXED, [Fennec][HLS] Make the H264Converter which treats the sample with AnnexB format correctly.
20:12jyaas such bug 1364558 is no longer
20:13jyait's very unfortunate however that none of our regression tests and reftests managed to identify the problem...
20:13jyai wonder why that is
20:18Caspy7jya: I feel like the question of "should a test have caught this and if so, we must write one" should be an introduced philosophy
20:21Caspy7sometimes things get into nightly and beyond that seems like...they shouldn't have...
20:21jyaCaspy7: for a start, I think an adopted philosophy of "I will personally test the change I've just made" from developers would go a long way for started :P
20:22Caspy7let's at least enforce it on Fridays!
20:23jyai don't get how this worked enough to pass the test
20:24jyaI could have bet that the windows h264 decoder would have returned an error
20:28* jya heading to bed
20:29Caspy7jya: thanks fro your work!
20:54rilliangerald: review ping on bug 1363857 ?
20:54firebot NEW, Build with --enable-av1 fails on macOS fails in FFmpegLibWrapper
20:54rillianit's very short
21:02geraldrillian: on it!
21:04geraldrillian: Sorry, had missed the r? email.
15 May 2017
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