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13 May 2017
14:09Caspy7bollocks. I thought disabling HWA would get rid of the video artifacts :P
15:21fippojib_: -- tell me firefox does the right thing here by calling addstream before resolving the promise (I think i asked before)
15:32jib_fippo: "If the direction of the media description is sendrecv or sendonly, and transceiver.receiver.track has not yet been fired in a track event, process the remote track for the media description, given transceiver." - Step in
15:34jib_ step 4 fires the track event (the successor to the addstream event, so same place presumably)
15:41fippoand firing a track is a synchronous operation?
18:26Caspy7so...any chance of a weekend fix for the video glitch? ;)
21:14fippoerrr. firing an event. I assume "yes"
21:14fippowhich makes testing a whole lost easier.
14 May 2017
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