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10 Sep 2017
04:44jesuppehrsons: do you plan to re-land before monday? I think we really want to get it in ASAP given the soft freezes and release build timings (for beta)
07:48pehrsonsjesup: sure, I'll do it now
16:12jesuppehrsons: thanks
21:13jyamattwoodrow|away: ping
22:27cpearcekentuckyfriedtakahe: do we want to keep the VIDEO_CAN_CREATE_AAC_DECODER and VIDEO_CAN_CREATE_H264_DECODER telemetry? It expires in 58.
22:28cpearcekentuckyfriedtakahe: it's showing just under 0.9% of people don't have decoders installed.
22:28cpearce(On Nightly)
23:01jyacpearce: how much do we trust telemetry value ?
23:02jyado we have a telemetry reporting the type of GPU brand people are using (intel vs amd vs nvidia)
23:03jyamattwoodrow|away: never mind, pushed something for your review. my question was how to retrieve the graphic card driver for the card in use. While we can retrieve the device id of the card in use, for the driver version, it seems to return the first one. So what if there's more than one card installed, with different drivers). but i guess those cases are
23:03jyarare enough that they don't matter
23:04cpearcejya: you may be able to determine the hardware used by our gfx stack here:
23:05jyacpearce: reason I ask, is that the telemetry difference between nightly 57 and release 55 is that we've enabled HW decoding to 2.5% more users.
23:05jyabut according to the telemetry, we have 16% of AMD users
23:06jya5.1% are using nvidia tesla, that's a lot !
23:06jyaand playback is broken on those since 55
23:06cpearcejya: I assume we can trust the telemetry reporting. It's quite easy to stuff up adding a probe however, and to get an unexpected value. So you need to be careful adding probes.
23:07jyai only looked at the existing probe that reports the percentage of failure vs success
23:07jyaanyhow, off to bed
11 Sep 2017
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