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10 Aug 2017
00:42djg|kamidphishrillian: I'm really not having luck with vendoring and try
00:43djg|kamidphishrillian: Oh, it appears I should run mach gtest before pushing.
00:54rillianoh yeah. I hit that one periodically too.
00:54rillianthere's a bunch of work that official builds so so gtest can run which local builds don't by default (to save time when you're not about to ./mach gtest)
03:19djg|kamidphishkinetik: Looks like trouble getting nix to compile in-tree. nix has a dependency upon git libc and that's bad with vendoring.
03:20djg|kamidphishkinetik: Oh, no - release 0.9.0 references libc 0.2.25.
03:20kinetikdjg|kamidphish: yeah, i was just going to say I thought that was fixed in 0.9.0.
03:21* djg|kamidphish doesn't understand why this all a huge mess.
10:13padenotjesup, ping
15:56mreavybwc: ping
18:39pellenbogenIn in the ABNF of RFCs is "SP" a single space, or is it any amount of any kind of whitespace?
18:52fippopellenbogen: 0x20 only, see
18:53pellenbogenfippo: Ah, thanks.
20:21padenotjib, I saw the issue I told you about the other day, having plugged in an analog headset, but only having the right ear outputing sound
20:22jibwith web audio or plain gUM?
20:23padenota multi-party call
20:23padenotthe telephone bridge of the MIT has a cold today apparently, so we used for the weekly call
20:23jibon mac?
20:23padenotyeah, macbook pro 2016
20:23padenotwe don't pan anywhere else
20:23jibso internal device
20:23jibright, true
20:23padenotyeah, the analog TRRS plug, with a TRS pair of headphones
20:24padenotthe same headphones as last time
20:24jibso it sounds like our panning kludge did not detect the headphone change
20:24padenotsome sort of race
20:24padenotI'll read again some code tomorrow
20:25padenotI figure I'd mention it in case you see the issue, so we can share some context or something, for debugging
20:25jibok I'll keep an ear out for it
20:25jibI'm also looking out for that keyframe issue
20:26jibI guess no sense in filing bugs until we have a way to reproduce it, even intermittently
20:26fippopadenot: can i get a testimonial " works when the telephone bridge has a cold"? :-)
20:26padenotI've had it in the past, I'm sure
20:26padenotfippo, yeah it's awesome
20:27padenotfippo, someone was preparing an hangout room (because there are a bunch of people from google in the call) and I was like "nope, let's use, nothing to prepare"
20:28padenotthe only problem we faced was that the microsoft person's webcam wasn't working, but that's likely an issue in edge or something
20:29fippopadenot: <3
20:29padenotthere was an audio issue from the chair but he was using chrome so...
20:29jibfippo: sadly though for the next couple of weeks you may see us switch to Hangouts a bit, since they&#39;re close to switching to use webrtc in firefox, and they&#39;ve enabled it for moz domain accounts so we can, but it&#39;s not because we don&#39;t prefer!
20:29fippochrome and osx... neverending story
20:30padenotfippo, really ?
20:30fippojib: oh well, i guess i&#39;ll have to chat more with bwc1 and drno|irccloud about firefox simulcast :-)
20:30padenotwe&#39;ve had our fair share of issues, and we continue having some echo issues we don&#39;t understand
20:30padenotI thought I had a revelation about that today, but in fact I was just being stupid
20:31fippopadenot: chrome somehow ends up in a state where coreaudio goes crazy. big issue since... 2014 at least. chrome is moving audio capture to a different process because of it but that is a major architecture change
20:32padenotwe have some plans about that, but not to solve any issue, more like lowering latency after we implement sandboxing
20:32padenotall that is far away
20:33jibHangouts is a pain, I can&#39;t figure out how to do a test call with myself without two mozilla acounts
20:34jibIf I start a meeting it appears to use the plugin
21:07lgrahljesup: You there? :)
21:11rilliankinetik: could you please check ?
21:11rillianI don&#39;t know how to request review again after an r-
21:26jesuplgrahl: hi
21:29jesupjib: mreavy and I have made hangout calls (IIRC right after the all-hands, or right before)
21:29lgrahljesup: Have you guys reviewed my last review request? Haven&#39;t seen an email notification so far...
21:29jibjesup: cool, I meant to do 1-1s this week using Hangouts but forgot after Wednesday morninh meeting
21:30jibjesup: I guess there&#39;s no way to do a self-call? When I start a room I get the plugin warning
21:31jesupPerhaps you need two accounts (and two browsers)
21:32lgrahlAnd is drno on holiday or am I just missing him all the time I&#39;m here? :)
21:32jibyeah he should be back Monday
21:33jesuplgrahl: on holiday
21:34* jib only has one moz-account (alias didn&#39;t seem to count
21:35jibohh two browsers
21:35* jib tries
21:36lgrahljesup. Okay. What do I need to do to request landing the fix for bug 979417?
21:36firebot NEW, Implement EOR mode in WebRTC DataChannels
21:37jibbah! I get the plugin warning
21:38jesuplgrahl: mark the bug as checkin-needed in the &#39;Keywords&#39; field
21:38jesupjib: you need a friend :-)
21:38jibI do :)
21:39* jib plans to make some calls tomorrow
21:39lgrahlDone - thanks. :)
21:39jesupjib: want to do a quick check calls?
21:40jibok give me 1 minute
21:44jibwait, wrong account
21:45jibjesup: ok I sent two invites. one wrong one right
21:47jesupjib: hmmm. sent where?
21:47jibhangouts says invitation sent. email?
21:47* jib tries to grok Hangouts UX
21:48jesupwell, my browser on my laptop doesn&#39;t appear to be signed into on google... let me see
21:49jib&quot;No Hangout contacts&quot; bah
21:49jesupok, signed in now. Stupid Google UX gives me an error after signing ni about not being allowed to use
21:50jibprobably true
21:50jesupdidn&#39;t use to a few weeks ago
11 Aug 2017
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