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25 Jul 2017
00:29jetkentuckyfriedtakahe: trying to watch this livestream on my Mac:
00:29jetis it HLS?
00:32kentuckyfriedtakahejet: I'm at lunch. I'll take a squiz when I'm back at the office. If it plays on Edge but not Chrome then probably yes
00:32kentuckyfriedtakahes/edge/safari/ on mac
00:35jetkentuckyfriedtakahe: yes works on Safari, not Chrome
01:36bwukentuckyfriedtakahe: meeting? I am in your
01:50bwujet: I can play it by activating Flash with the latest nightly.
09:32lss8how to set the video resolution of the fake-streams (enabled via media.navigator.streams.fake)?
09:32lss8they default to 640 * 480px
09:40padenotlss8, use a constraint ?
09:41padenotnavigator.mediaDevides.getUserMedia({ audio: true, video: { width: 1280, height: 720 } }).then(stream => { /**/ });
09:41padenotnavigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia({ audio: true, video: { width: 1280, height: 720 } }).then(stream => { /**/ });
09:42fippo shows the constraints and works just fine with fake streams
10:49lss8oh, nice. will try that. thx
12:42fippong: ping
13:06Callektsmith: ping (I'm not sure if this is the best channel for the question)
13:09Callektsmith: I'm looking at and trying to identify for certain if its a blocker to "switching TC windows builds to tier 1" -- I lean toward no, and it can be fixed after the switch, but it looks like it hasn't even been run since friday on m-c
13:09firebotBug 1383918 NEW, Windows address sanitizer builds on TC missing symbols
13:12Callek....actually I'm gong to mark it in the bug itself
16:34dmajorCallek: AIUI there are still larger blockers to windows asan being fully operational. I don't think throwing TC into the mix will make things worse.
16:37Callekdmajor: yea that sounds accurate to me, I'm just trying to ensure we don't regress anything with the switch to tc, mostly :-) [at least anything tier 1 already]
16:40dmajorwinasan is still struggling even to become tier 2 :-/
16:42* dmajor hasn't seen any winasan bugmail in a while, wonders where things stand
18:30ngfippo: pong
18:47drnong: ping
18:47ngdrno: pong
18:48drnong: do you have example code on how to use Byrons new packet sniffer in a mochitest by any chance?
18:48ngdrno: I sure do (assuming the API hasn't changed), give me a second and I will point you at something on reviewboard.
18:52drnong: awesome
18:52drnong: now having seen RTP parser code: what prevents that bug from landing?
18:53ngdrno: it needs a review, that should be all
18:53ngdrno: want to review it?
18:53drnong: if I can then make my stuff depend on it yes :D
18:53ngdrno: deal ^__^
18:53drnoI just saw that it also has a dependency on Byrons packet sniffer
18:53drnothought that had landed already
18:54ngI thought that was not yet stable, perhaps it is ...
18:55drnolets see if we can land Byrons stuff
18:55ngdrno: bug 1377299
18:55firebot NEW, Add [ChromeOnly] packet dump hooks to RTCPeerConnection
18:55drnoyeah there seems to be test problems
18:58ngdrno: I believe that Byron mentioned timing issues at the last all-hands
18:58drnong: I think this has evolved a little since the all hands
18:59drnobut it looks like the self test Byron added for packet dumper is causing crashes
18:59drnoso not quite yet ready to land
19:08ngdrno: yeah, ok. If you still want to review the RTP parser feel free, if not no worries, I know you aren't made of time these days. ^__^
19:08drnoreviewing already
19:27mjfdrno: ping
19:45drnomjf: pong
20:41SeburoHi. Can someone here help me find a video on AirMoz?
25 Jul 2017
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