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26 Mar 2017
01:00jesuprobswain-M: sdp should have *no* ordering preferences for a= (or anything else I think) within an m= section. If chrome is doing that, it's a rather bad bug. CRLF is required on the end of each SDP line, as fippo notes.
04:07jesupFord_Prefect: check out
04:07firebotBug 1349331 DUPLICATE, Linux pulseaudio volume muted on html5 video
08:31Ford_Prefectjesup: will comment
19:32robswain-Mi also noticed, once i got it working, that chrome doesn't seem to obey codec order
19:32robswain-Manyway, i'll take that to chrome
19:32robswain-Mthanks for the tips peeps
19:32robswain-Monly in the createAnswer() path though
19:32robswain-Mbut i'll verify that
19:32robswain-McreateOffer then setLocalDescription seems to work fine
19:32robswain-Mi was wrong, it's in both cases...
19:32robswain-M in case you're interested
19:32robswain-Mfigured out why
19:32robswain-Min chrome: i reorder the video codecs in the RTCSessionDescription.sdp and pass that to setLocalDescription and in the setLocalDescription callback, the codecs have been reordered again
19:32robswain-Mjesup: thanks - then it was probably line endings
19:36fipporobswain-M: you need to change the order in the m-line, the order of the rtpmap lines is not relevant
19:59robswain-Mfippo: ... poop. Thanks!
20:01robswain-MI'll have to check where that's defined
20:01robswain-MI'd still much prefer an API than pretending that SDP is an API in 2017
20:02robswain-MOr pretending that it's a good one
26 Mar 2017
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