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8 Aug 2017
00:23rjohnsonstandups: worked on new mdn->aws pr for mozmeao/infra, but will have to wait until tomorrow
00:23rjohnsongood night mdndev
01:02sheppyOK, I'm done for today - I'm chasing spec revisions down a rabbit hole. :)
08:58fscholzstandups: reviewed and
09:27fscholzstandups: reviewed and merged PRs filed against
14:35jwhitlockstandups: Published Kuma Report, Discourse, Twitter
14:35jwhitlockgood morning #mdndev
14:37safwangood morning jwhitlock
14:37jwhitlockhello all
14:38jswisherI've been trying since yesterday to get the latest version of this page to load. Whenever I force a reload, it gives the red "update has been scheduled" box
14:38jswisherAny idea why?
14:38jwhitlockjswisher: which page?
14:39jwhitlockjswisher: no banner for me. Your browser + web server may be caching the response
14:42jswisherOn Chrome, I don't get the red box, but it's still not the latest version
14:44sheppyMan, the stuff you guys have done for sample data, with the scraping tools and stuff to get more data -- so nicely done.
14:48jwhitlockjswisher: it looks like the latest to me. What are you missing?
14:49sheppyYeah, same here
14:49jwhitlockhm latest is$compare?locale=en-US&to=1284969&from=1277509
14:49jswisherjwhitlock: It shows Chrome compatibility as 4.20[1] instead of 56.0
14:49jwhitlockso expecting Chrome to mention unknown and 56, not 42 / 49
14:49* jwhitlock catches up
14:50jwhitlockhas this table moved to rendering from the github project?
14:50sheppyNot according to the page code
14:54* jwhitlock looks closer
14:56jwhitlockthe ?raw version of the page shows 42/49, not 56:
15:15fscholzThere was a thing I had to do with kuma styles to get "zone" styles applied. What was that? `docker exec -i kuma_web_1 make build-static` seems not enough.
15:16safwanfscholz: I think you should use gulp for that
15:16jwhitlockfscholz: what page?
15:17fscholzcompat styling for e.g.
15:17fscholzI don't see it applied locally. No colors in the cells
15:20jwhitlockreloading sample DB, adding page to local env
15:22jwhitlockI get the colors, but not the Zilla headings
15:22jwhitlockrunning make bash; make build-static
15:23jwhitlockk, now I have Zilla headings as well
15:23jwhitlockfscholz: can you post screenshot of what you are seeing?
15:24fscholzIn which file will the css be build?
15:24jwhitlocklol who knows
15:24jwhitlockseeing if I can figure it out
15:25jwhitlocklooks like zone-addons.css
15:26jwhitlockwhich will be included in <head> between wiki-syntax and en-US.css
15:27fscholzI only have /static/styles/zones.css there
15:28interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling opened pull request #180: Fix issue #174, update headlines to use new style and wording (master...issue#174-update-headlines-to-use-new-style-and-wording)
15:28interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling closed pull request #180: Fix issue #174, update headlines to use new style and wording (master...issue#174-update-headlines-to-use-new-style-and-wording)
15:28interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling pushed 2 new commits to master:
15:28interactive-exampinteractive-examples/master 7218053 schalkneethling: Fix issue #174, update headlines to use new style and wording
15:28interactive-exampinteractive-examples/master 84ffbfd Schalk Neethling: Merge pull request #180 from schalkneethling/issue#174-update-headlines-to-use-new-style-and-wording...
15:29jwhitlockfscholz: try reloading, ./ scrape_document
15:29* fscholz goes into a standup meeting
15:31interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling force-pushed prod from 5c936c6 to e1e5f2e:
15:31interactive-exampinteractive-examples/prod e1e5f2e schalkneethling: Deploying latest generated pages
15:34github[kumascript] jwhitlock closed pull request #235: Added German translation for TopicBox macro (master...topicbox-de-translation)
15:34github[kumascript] jwhitlock pushed 1 new commit to master:
15:34githubkumascript/master 2520131 John Whitlock: Merge pull request #235 from mdn/topicbox-de-translation...
15:49fscholzstandups: standup
15:57jwhitlockstandups: documented ks i18n picks Next stop, KS Jenkins build
15:57firebotBug 1340342 NEW, [Suggest] Better l10n structure for KumaScript
16:26sheppyDo y&#39;all have a schedule for a prod push this week?
16:31jwhitlockwe&#39;re due, after I&#39;m out of meetings
16:43rjohnsonjwhitlock: thanks for the mdn tagging history in the sre weekly notes, that will be super helpful for me
16:44shobsonjwhitlock: When are you out of meetings (aka, what&#39;s my target for getting this PR this push)?
16:46github[kumascript] stephaniehobson closed pull request #277: Fix issue #276, update base url for interactive examples ejs (master...issue#276-update-base-url-for-interactive-examples)
16:46github[kumascript] stephaniehobson pushed 2 new commits to master:
16:46githubkumascript/master 42032d4 schalkneethling: Fix issue #276, update base url for interactive examples ejs
16:46githubkumascript/master 8dad8ed Stephanie Hobson: Merge pull request #277 from schalkneethling/issue#276-update-base-url-for-interactive-examples...
16:52jwhitlockshobson: 10-30 minutes from now
16:52rjohnsonstandups: sre weekly meeting, work on new aws pr
17:02jwhitlockstandups: SRE meeting, dev triage. Found my notes on the utf8_general_ci collation -
17:03fscholzstandups: held doc bug triage
17:20shobsonThat can be merged once the tests are done and I&#39;d like it to go today if possible.
17:20* jwhitlock looks at PR
17:21jwhitlockshobson: ok, will update ks/locales
17:38jwhitlockhmm travisCI seems stuck
17:39jwhitlockI think number of people visiting your status page could be an indication that there&#39;s an issue
17:46jwhitlockok whatever it was cleared up
17:47jwhitlockshobson: tests pass on
17:50mdnstagepushwoot, jwhitlock is pushing mdn-stage 840af1d2a75b7684775129e7a4f0c4b9e86523c1
17:50jwhitlocklet&#39;s see
17:52jwhitlockpush has changes for bug 1379288, bug 1386890, bug 1362438, bug 1218563, bug 1384287, bug 1218563, and bug 1370594
17:52mdnstagepushthe push is now going to the webheads!! (840af1d2a75b7684775129e7a4f0c4b9e86523c1 jwhitlock)
17:52mdnstagepushFinished: setup_dependencies (144.368s), update_info (1.917s), pre_update (149.325s)
17:52firebot NEW Mechanism to fallback to locale specific fonts
17:52firebot NEW Move github repo from mozilla/kuma* to mdn/kuma
17:52firebot NEW Implement redirects, other features in Kuma instead of Apache
17:52firebot NEW, jmize Dockerize kuma
17:52firebotBug is not accessible
17:53jwhitlocklots of KS PRs, see
17:54mdnstagepushFinished: update_assets (120.161s)
17:54mdnstagepushFinished: update_locales (20.544s)
17:55mdnstagepushFinished: database (4.856s), update (145.561s)
17:55mdnstagepushFinished: rsync_project (9.225s), checkin_changes (9.277s)
17:55mdnstagepushFinished: deploy_app (22.184s), restart_web (2.296s)
17:55mdnstagepushFinished: restart_kumascript (19.272s)
17:56mdnstagepushjwhitlock pushed mdn-stage 840af1d2a75b7684775129e7a4f0c4b9e86523c1
17:56mdnstagepushFinished: restart_celery (13.676s), deploy (66.708s)
18:00jwhitlock looks good
18:00github[kumascript] stof opened pull request #281: Background tasks is a candidate recommendation (master...patch-1)
18:03jwhitlockredirect tests still run
18:05jwhitlocklocale-specific editor styles are there
18:07jwhitlockshobson: any checks you want to do on staging?
18:07shobsonjwhitlock: I had a quick look it looks okay
18:07* jwhitlock clears jenkins scan
18:08jwhitlockI&#39;m not going to wait for Jenkins - we know functional tests are still broken
18:15jwhitlockor, I could take too long to find a push song, and give it time to pass
18:16jwhitlockpush song is &quot;While My Guitar Gently Weeps&quot; from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions -
18:16mdnprodpushlook, jwhitlock is pushing mdn 840af1d2a75b7684775129e7a4f0c4b9e86523c1
18:18rjohnsonjwhitlock: awesome push song, especially the end with prince&#39;s guitar solo!...temporary productivity dip alert!!
18:18mdnprodpushthe push is now going to the webheads!! (840af1d2a75b7684775129e7a4f0c4b9e86523c1 jwhitlock)
18:18mdnprodpushFinished: setup_dependencies (129.446s), update_info (2.298s), pre_update (134.217s)
18:18jwhitlockindeed everyone can take a break occasionally to get their face melted off
18:19mdnprodpushFinished: update_assets (85.145s)
18:20mdnprodpushFinished: update_locales (13.436s)
18:20mdnprodpushFinished: database (3.405s), update (101.986s)
18:20mdnprodpushFinished: rsync_project (6.019s), checkin_changes (6.052s)
18:20mdnprodpushFinished: deploy_app (27.246s)
18:21mdnprodpushFinished: restart_web (11.583s)
18:21mdnprodpushFinished: restart_kumascript (33.346s)
18:21mdnprodpushjwhitlock pushed mdn 840af1d2a75b7684775129e7a4f0c4b9e86523c1
18:22mdnprodpushFinished: restart_celery (24.569s), deploy (102.799s)
18:29jwhitlocklooks good. Updated one bug, Taiga may need some moved cards
18:31jwhitlockstandups: pushed to production, CKEditor wordcount and Zilla, redesign updates, others. Push song was While My Guitar Gently Weeps,
20:35jwhitlockstandups: helped ban a bot that ignored robots.txt
20:46jwhitlockstandups: worked on SCL3 deployment documentation, with submodule updating
20:46* jwhitlock runs some errands
20:49github[kumascript] rebloor opened pull request #282: Correction to links under menu item Distributing Add-ons (master...AltDistFix)
20:52shobsonstandups: 1:1 with Kadir
20:53metadaveSCL3 samples, presentations, diagrams are being synchronized to S3 once an hour
20:53shobsonstandups: 1:1 with Ben
20:53shobsonstandups: update PR #4348 in response to code review
20:53shobsonstandups: email triage
21:30rjohnsonstandups: fighting with a mysterious &quot;Lock wait timeout exceeded&quot; error when trying to load a page other than the home page in the aws dev mdn deployment
21:30github[kumascript] SebastianZ pushed 1 new commit to master:
21:30githubkumascript/master a187b65 Christophe Coevoet: Background tasks is a candidate recommendation (#281)
21:31rjohnsonmetadave: \o/
22:27jwhitlockI have a little more to do to get these docs into a PR. I also want to try the New Relic deployment signals again.
22:27jwhitlockIt&#39;s back to school night, so it will be later to open those.
22:27jwhitlockgood night #mdndev!
22:27rjohnsongood night jwhitlock!
22:28rjohnsonwow, school starts early there!
22:44shobsonstandups: user testing on interactive examples
23:19viewsourcebot[viewsourceconf] stephaniehobson opened pull request #199: Add noopener and fix duplicate ID (master...audits)
23:19viewsourcebot[viewsourceconf] stephaniehobson closed pull request #199: Add noopener and fix duplicate ID (master...audits)
9 Aug 2017
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