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6 Oct 2017
12:06interactive-examp[interactive-examples] maboa opened pull request #296: Math JS Examples (master...math-examples)
13:55jwhitlockgood morning #mdndev
13:56jwhitlockstandups: re-ran selenium 3.6.0 tests, updated PR 4915 with links to logs. We're back to being unable to start tests on node-firefox :(
14:18jwhitlockI'm working on the "hey we successfully migrated to AWS" blog post. I guess later I'll write the "here's what went wrong" blog post
14:20safwanjwhitlock: So most of the work got finished. right?
14:21safwanIs it possible to start reviewing PR?
14:22jwhitlocksafwan: I donPR 4321
14:22jwhitlockI don't think I'll get to PR 4321 until next week
14:22safwanOk. no problem
14:23safwanIs it possible to know the cluster configuration of MDN?
14:23safwanI mean the resource we use to serve MDN in AWS
14:24safwanhow much RAM, processor etc
14:25jwhitlockthe kubernetes configuration is stored at
14:26jwhitlockit's mostly controlled by environment variables
14:26safwanWhere is the resource allocation? the number actually
14:26jwhitlockso here's the prod config -
14:28safwanSo 8 Gb for web
14:28jwhitlockwell, the request is 2 GB, and it gets killed if it exceeds 8 GB
14:30safwanHow many instance?
14:31jwhitlockThey are called replicas in k8s, WEB_REPLICAS=6, API_REPLICAS=2, etc
14:31safwanso 6 x 2=12 GB total
14:34jwhitlockyes, for the purpose of allocating space in the k8s clusters. It's more of a budget than a VM allocation, though.
14:35jwhitlockk8s says "ok, you need 2 GB, so I'll put you on this machine that has budgeted 15 GB already, instead of the one with 17 GB budgeted"
14:38safwanHmm! Understand
14:40safwanMaybe I can show our move to AWS and resource usage of MDN in upcoming Pycon in my country.
14:40safwanHow we made the maintainance mode, and do the transition without any downtime
14:41jwhitlockthat would be interesting!
15:04viewsourcebot[viewsourceconf] jgmize merged master into prod:
15:20github[kumascript] xnuk opened pull request #341: Typo in GamepadEventProperties.ejs (master...patch-1)
15:32rjohnsongood morning #mdndev!
15:35interactive-examp[interactive-examples] wbamberg closed pull request #294: Classes and Object JS examples (master...class-object-examples)
15:36interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling force-pushed prod from 5dad3d5 to 5bb25f0:
15:36interactive-exampinteractive-examples/prod 5bb25f0 schalkneethling: Deploying latest generated pages
15:55github[kumascript] mfluehr opened pull request #342: Update filter function paths and syntax (master...master)
15:58jwhitlockheaded to lunch
15:58rjohnsoni'm attending the devops cohort meeting from 9-10am this morning
16:05mdnstagepushsweet, shobson is pushing mdn-stage 4e037b44905bdf83b87ced92855c2872b67f26d0
16:06shobsonstandups: Create testing prototypes for new compat tables
16:06shobsonstandups: make experimental typography changes and push to staging for testing
16:07mdnstagepushthe push is now going to the webheads!! (4e037b44905bdf83b87ced92855c2872b67f26d0 shobson)
16:07mdnstagepushFinished: setup_dependencies (134.876s), update_info (2.187s), pre_update (138.378s)
16:09mdnstagepushFinished: update_assets (93.381s)
16:09mdnstagepushFinished: update_locales (12.722s)
16:09mdnstagepushFinished: database (2.939s), update (109.042s)
16:09mdnstagepushFinished: rsync_project (4.024s), checkin_changes (4.055s)
16:09mdnstagepushFinished: deploy_app (13.666s), restart_web (2.278s)
16:09mdnstagepushFinished: restart_kumascript (18.595s)
16:10mdnstagepushshobson pushed mdn-stage 4e037b44905bdf83b87ced92855c2872b67f26d0
16:10mdnstagepushFinished: restart_celery (13.517s), ping_newrelic (0.364s), deploy (52.478s)
16:12interactive-examp[interactive-examples] wbamberg closed pull request #290: Boolean, Function(s) and JSON JS Examples (master...JSON-Bool-Functions)
16:14interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling force-pushed prod from 5bb25f0 to d55a250:
16:14interactive-exampinteractive-examples/prod d55a250 schalkneethling: Deploying latest generated pages
16:53rjohnsonstandups: attended devops cohort meeting (lots of folks from IT, but also jg.mize and myself)
17:14interactive-examp[interactive-examples] chrisdavidmills opened pull request #297: copy edit of the readme file (master...copy-edit-readme)
17:15metadavethere's a sync-up meeting in ~1 hours 15 minutes, do we need to meet or should we reclaim that time?
17:16metadaveI'm ok if we don't meet today
17:20jwhitlock I'm OK skipping today
19:15rjohnsonstandups: finished awesome, marathon pairing w/metadave on datadog, aws, monitoring, etc.
19:15rjohnsonnow i need some lunch
20:24shobsonstandups: user testing
20:24shobsonstandups: article page user testing wrap up
20:24shobsonstandups: register for all-hands
20:48metadavemy new favorite page in Datadog
20:48metadave(link available in the MDN migration release plan)
20:49rjohnsonmetadave: sweet!
21:15rjohnsonstandups: finished my review of (finally found the source of the problem that was making me think the stub i added wasn't working)
21:23jwhitlockmetadave: very nice
22:00jwhitlockhave a good weekend #mdndev!
22:01rjohnsonyou too jwhitlock!
23:58rjohnsonstandups: started thinking-about/working-on jenkins-based deployments to staging (very rough so far) (
23:59rjohnsonhave a great weekend #mdndev!
7 Oct 2017
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