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20 Apr 2017
00:01shobsonTime to go pedal a stationary bike in the dark. Maybe I will get this working when I come back. Maybe I will be too hungry to stand infront of a computer anymore.
00:01shobsonG'night MDN.
00:07rjohnsongood night shobson
00:08rjohnsoni'm done too, good night #mdndev
16:46mdnstagepushoh cool, jwhitlock is pushing mdn-stage bff42c16c279e4354e622c14153605214419d629
16:49mdnstagepushFinished: setup_dependencies (146.898s)
16:49mdnstagepushthe push is now going to the webheads!! (bff42c16c279e4354e622c14153605214419d629 jwhitlock)
16:49mdnstagepushFinished: update_info (2.056s), pre_update (150.081s)
16:50mdnstagepushFinished: update_assets (38.956s)
16:50mdnstagepushFinished: update_locales (11.619s), database (2.673s), update (53.248s)
16:50mdnstagepushFinished: rsync_project (4.626s), checkin_changes (4.656s)
16:50mdnstagepushFinished: deploy_app (2.698s), restart_web (2.282s)
16:50mdnstagepushFinished: restart_kumascript (19.456s)
16:51mdnstagepushjwhitlock pushed mdn-stage bff42c16c279e4354e622c14153605214419d629
16:54jwhitlockthis push includes the A/B without the Array page
16:54jwhitlockit also includes the email changes for bug 1269104
16:54firebot FIXED, As a moderator, I want to compare a new translation to the English document
16:56jwhitlockI'm not sure how to trigger a first edit email in staging, but I might be able to trigger a watch email by watching the root of a translated tree and translating a child page
16:56jwhitlockbut I don't get watch emails for pages I create...
16:56jwhitlockI may trust the Django tests and just wait for the first edit and watch emails in production
16:57rjohnsonjwhitlock: that sounds good to me
16:58jwhitlockvisiting in an anon session redirects me to v=control
16:58jwhitlocksets the GA dimension16 to static-examples-on-top:control
17:01* jwhitlock waits for jenkins
17:01* jwhitlock researches push songs
17:04jwhitlockok let's go to prod.
17:04jwhitlockwith some Fatboy Slim + Walken -
17:04mdnprodpushlisten up, jwhitlock is pushing mdn bff42c16c279e4354e622c14153605214419d629
17:08mdnprodpushFinished: setup_dependencies (235.588s)
17:08mdnprodpushthe push is now going to the webheads!! (bff42c16c279e4354e622c14153605214419d629 jwhitlock)
17:08mdnprodpushFinished: update_info (2.795s), pre_update (242.449s)
17:09mdnprodpushFinished: update_assets (41.183s)
17:09mdnprodpushFinished: update_locales (11.584s), database (2.784s), update (55.552s)
17:09mdnprodpushFinished: rsync_project (8.941s), checkin_changes (8.972s)
17:10mdnprodpushFinished: deploy_app (23.478s)
17:10mdnprodpushFinished: restart_web (11.517s)
17:10mdnprodpushFinished: restart_kumascript (21.309s)
17:11mdnprodpushjwhitlock pushed mdn bff42c16c279e4354e622c14153605214419d629
19:32shobsonjwhitlock: I cannot tell how serious you are about being a nasty backend change.
19:32shobsonIt looks pretty straight forward and the functionality tests good.
19:34jwhitlockshobson: if you try to trace back and figure out what akismet_call is, it gets nasty quick
19:34shobsonDo you want rjohnson's review on this or is it enough that it works? And other spam still gets blocked.
19:35jwhitlockI think your is enough
19:36jwhitlockhmm, still processing your comment
19:36safwanjwhitlock: I think some one from backend should review it
19:38jwhitlockshobson: I'm loading the code to see if I can figure out the failing review step
19:40jwhitlocksafwan: I'm happy w/ shobson's review
19:40safwanjwhitlock: Ok
20:14jswisherJust noticed this message in #mdn from earlier today:
20:14jswisherjwhitlock: Wondering if we should document this? ^
20:17jwhitlockjswisher: maybe on
20:17jwhitlockthat description is a little out of date, we don't regularly or automatically push the the staging server
20:20jswisherYes, that page would be closest to the "point of need"
20:21jswisherAlso, change it to "MDN" at the same time :-)
20:23jwhitlockjswisher: do you mean "Mozilla Developer Network" -> "MDN"?
20:32jswisherjwhitlock|away: yes
20:32jswisherDo you have access to do that?
20:35jwhitlockjswisher: yes, I have admin on that one
20:36jswisher Cool, no hurry
20:38sheppyjwhitlock: If I've made a change to a string that goes through gettext and the .po files and all, are there special steps to get that to take effect on my docker environment? Because so far I don't see my change.
20:38jwhitlocksheppy: what file did you make the change in?
20:38sheppyjwhitlock: I made a number of changes.
20:38jwhitlockjswisher: how is this?
20:40sheppyI did a global find and replace on a string that needed changing, making sure that only strings that were part of the adjustment I meant to make were changed.
20:40sheppyThe affected files:
20:41sheppyI'm fixing the thing that's causing the subheads added by the live sample button to be wrong. I'm tired of seeing "CSS Content" etc when our style guide says these should just be "CSS", "HTML", etc. :)
20:41jwhitlockyou shouldn't manually change files in locale, only using the process in "Updating the localization":
20:42jwhitlockyou may need to rebuild ckeditor to put your strings in a place where "make localerefresh" will see them
20:42sheppyjwhitlock: Ahhhh
20:42jwhitlockand you may want to revert your changes first (git co -- locale)
20:43sheppyYou're right. OK, I will undo this and reapply my change to just the plugin. And yes, I have to rebuild ckeditor. I know this. Duh.
20:43jwhitlocksorry "git checkout -- locale"
20:43sheppyjwhitlock: yep, got it
20:43jswisherjwhitlock: What people like stoyan want to know is "When will my changes show up on MDN?"
20:43sheppythanks for answering my dumb question :)
20:43jwhitlockjswisher: locale changes are applied with production pushes, once or twice per week
20:44jswisherSo something like "This means that string changes will go into production about a week after they are made. "
20:44jwhitlockI'll try to draw that arrow a little more clearly
20:45jswisherOr whatever is correct without being too specific
20:51jwhitlockand again -
20:54* sheppy is sort of tempted to make himself a little menu-driven tool for his most common tasks when doing Kuma work, to help himself out.
20:55sheppyJust something to pull up the right commands for scenarios without having to remember them or look them up.
21:01sheppyThe plugin is still using the old code.
21:02* sheppy scours his notes trying to remember what causes this.
21:05* sheppy tries to remember what caused this before.
21:07sheppykuma/static/js/libs/ckeditor/build/ckeditor/ckeditor.js is correct, with my change in it...
21:11sheppyHuh. kuma/kuma/static/js/libs/ckeditor/build/ckeditor/ckeditor.js has the old strings. How did this happen?
21:14jbradberrykuma/kuma/static may be the source, and kuma/static may be where collectstatic puts the results.
21:15sheppyNot according to docs
21:17jbradberryhm, too many kumas, too many statics.
21:17sheppyThere are some serious directory name issues in here, yeah. :)
21:17jbradberryI still suspect strongly that the innermost static dir is the source.
21:18jbradberry(since that is the usual way of things in Django projects)
21:18sheppyjbradberry: well, I'm looking at multiple documents that say otherwise... including
21:19sheppyIs that kuma or kuma/kuma?
21:19jbradberryI think it assumes that you are already in ~/whatever-my-path-is/kuma/
21:19* sheppy always starts with the outermost kuma directory because it's clearer, so I assumed this was too. Gah.
21:19* sheppy tries to comprehend how much redoing is needed...
21:19sheppyOK, not much.
21:21sheppyHrm. According to my editor, I made my changes to /Volumes/HD/sheppy/mozilla/kuma/kuma/static/js/libs/ckeditor/source/plugins/mdn-sampler/plugin.js
21:21sheppySo that would be correct...
21:21jbradberryyes, that seems right
21:22sheppyI think I did the build in the wrong place though
21:22* sheppy is nearly certain that's it
21:22sheppybuild build
21:29sheppyjbradberry: thanks, that was it
21:29* sheppy updates his notes
21:29jbradberryOk, excellent
21:34* sheppy tries to test in another language and discovers that of the Languages / Edit / watch / gear buttons, only "Edit" actually works.
21:36sheppyI doubt it&#39;s coincidence that of them, only Edit is an <a> element.
21:37sheppyI bet it&#39;s because of the error in main.js; killing script.
21:37sheppyTypeError: is undefined.
21:45shobsonweird, I use the language switcher all the time when I&#39;m not in English.
21:46shobsonYeah, they&#39;re all working for me.
21:46sheppyWhy do I get the undefined error? I don&#39;t know where that comes from.
21:46shobsonAnd no JS error for me either.
21:47shobsonIt *should not* be because you&#39;re usding an adblocker.
21:47sheppyThat happens for me on page load.
21:47shobsonBut if you are, could you disable it and try again anyway.
21:47sheppyI think something is broken here.
21:47shobsonbrowser/os/url please
21:48sheppy This is on my local Kuma.
21:48sheppynot your problem, shobson, I think :)
21:48sheppyMine more likely :)
21:48* shobson calms down
21:49sheppyshobson: Sorry, didn&#39;t mean to cause trouble!
21:49shobsonDoes sound like an error in the JS somewhere, possibly in the build pipeline rather than any individual file.
21:52sheppySounds like time to do a clean build perhaps
21:57sheppyHm, same error...
21:58sheppyOh, I&#39;m getting a load failure on the analytics.js file.
22:00sheppyThe file is there... I don&#39;t know why it doesn&#39;t load
22:00jbradberryis it in the top-level static/?
22:02jbradberryhm, yeah, ok
22:02sheppyI&#39;m very confused.
22:03jbradberrythough, is the page attempting to load a versioned copy?
22:04sheppy<script type=&quot;text/javascript&quot; src=&quot;/static/js/analytics.js&quot; charset=&quot;utf-8&quot;></script> is where the error occurs...
22:06sheppyI see no reference to this load in the network panel of the tools, so I don&#39;t know what the heck happened.
22:06sheppyJust the loading failed error -- and no HTTP code.
22:07jbradberryif you click on the link in &quot;view source&quot; or inspect or wherever, does it take you to the file?
22:07jbradberrywell, you got me then.
22:07* sheppy blames jwhitlock|away :D
22:08sheppyI wonder if this is related to the A/B test going to prod today.
22:08sheppyOr landing at all I suppose. I dunno
22:08sheppyI&#39;m calling it a night; I&#39;ll try again in the morning. :)
22:09sheppyThanks for your help jbradberry. :)
22:09jbradberrysure thing
23:05shobsonI started work at 8am today so I&#39;m done. I&#39;m going to go home and make soup. But I may take my time getting home.
23:06rjohnsongood night shobson
21 Apr 2017
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