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18 Apr 2017
00:11rjohnsongood night #mdndev
13:52jwhitlockmoin #mdndev
14:50rjohnsonjwhitlock: did you still want me to review as well as jpetto, or should i just focus on
14:52jwhitlockhmm I think you can review, but it does remind me I forgot to configure the traffic cop side
14:52jwhitlockso maybe the answer is both
14:54jpettoping me on the PR when it's ready :)
15:06jwhitlockrjohnson: jpetto: is ready, TravisCI still chewing on it
15:07rjohnsonjwhitlock: on it! :)
15:51shobsonLocalization is one of the most exciting parts of working on MDN for me.
15:51shobsonBut makes me want to cry.
15:51firebotBug 1357416 NEW, URLs should be normalized (Unicode NFC)
15:51shobsonSuch a complicated system. I guess we'll have it sorted out in 50 years?
15:54jwhitlockI've been bouncing around MDN bugs for two hours. Exhausting
15:54jwhitlockthere's so much undone work
15:55jwhitlockafter thinking about it, I think the priority is to finish the features and changes that we're working on today
15:56jwhitlockit's so much easier to do it now than one year, two years, five years from now
15:56jwhitlockand so much easier for us to do it than some other developer
15:57jwhitlockand then, when our own desks are clean, I think we can start tackling these older issues
15:57jwhitlockand, if you have tears left, search for "unicode normalization of biblical hebrew"
15:59jbradberryText encoding is hard.
15:59* shobson interprets "when our desks are clean" as "when we have quit" and dreams/nightmares about contributing full time after leaving.
16:00rjohnsonshobson: lol
22:20jwhitlockI've updated PR 4183 w/ suggestions. Tomorrow I'll review PRs
22:20jwhitlockgoodnight, #mdndev
22:21rjohnsonthamks jwhitlock, good night!
22:21rjohnsonand thanks as well :)
23:36shobsonrjohnson: I have a small python thing to change I could use some help / pairing on. I assume tomorrow is better for you.
23:36shobsonBut I mention it now incase you'd trying to figure out what to do with your last 20 mins of the day
23:38rjohnsonshobson: let's do it! :)
23:39rjohnsonshobson: sorry, that was a vague answer wasn't it? yes, would you mind doing it now?
23:39shobsonCool, my Vidyo.
23:39rjohnsonsee you there
19 Apr 2017
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