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17 May 2017
00:40rjohnsongood night mdndev
13:51jwhitlockgood morning #mdndev
16:03fscholzWriting the {{compat}} macro that already assumes there is the json package available. Good stuff.
16:04fscholzBut there are like 100 cases the json payload can look like. Not so good stuff, but getting there. Tests would be amazing for this.
20:04github[kumascript] chrisdavidmills opened pull request #181: updating service worker spec to the latest ED, not the out-of-date WD (master...sw-spec-update)
21:50shobsonjgmize: is HTTP2 in the future for MDN?
21:51jgmizeshobson: yes, along with the rest of our sites
21:51shobsonI assume AWS is a pre-req?
21:52jgmizenot inherently, but realistically yes
21:53shobsonOkay, I will wait several months before getting excited about this.
21:53shobsonWell, maybe I will be a little excited now.
21:54jgmizeshobson: I'm glad you're excited. I think the combination of HTTP2 and TLS 1.3 will mean pretty significant performance improvements
21:54jgmizebut not for a while
21:54* shobson nods vigorously
21:56jgmizeI believe it can be enabled on cloudfront right now, which mdn is already using
21:57jgmizeI'm not sure about status of supporting it in the SCL3 load balancers though
21:58jgmizeand I'm positive that it isn't supported by the apache webheads
21:58shobsonSo we could serve anything in the CDN over HTTP2?
21:59jgmizetheoretically we would just need to file a bug with webops to enable it on the mdn distribution
21:59jgmizeand in the same bug we could ask about support at the load balancer level in scl3
22:01shobsonOkay, I'm going to do 30 min of reading about what it means to enable it on a site that has been optimized for HTTP1.1 and then I might offer you a bribe to open that bug.
22:06jgmizeshobson: after you've researched it for a bit, would you be interested in writing up a testing and performance analysis plan?
22:06shobsonVery interested.
22:07shobsonAre there any buzz words you think I should research while doing that?
22:07shobsonOr, off the top of your head, what do you think a good plan would include?
22:09jgmizeno buzz words, there are plenty of results for "http2 performance analysis" and "http2 testing" to get started with
22:09shobson*opens a bunch more tabs*
22:19jgmizeshobson: I'd be happy to go over that with you later, and it's been a while since we had a 1:1 anyway-- want to send me a calendar invite for some time next week after you've had a chance to do some reading?
22:19shobsonjgmize: yes please :)
22:19jgmizegreat, looking forward to it :)
22:20jwhitlockend of my day here
22:20jgmizehave a good one jwhitlock
22:20jwhitlockI think we can do a prod push tomorrow
22:21jwhitlockgoodnight #mdndev
23:20sheppyOh my. I would love to see HTTP2 on MDN. That'd be fun, even if it's only for some assets. But gosh.
23:59rjohnsongood night #mdndev
18 May 2017
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