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17 Mar 2017
00:35rjohnsongood night #mdndev
13:17safwanGood Evening #mdndev
13:20shaif@fscholz : ping
13:21fscholzshaif: pong
13:22shaif@fscholz : I'm interested in GSOC project DOC-TESTER extension . Can I ask a few questions here?
13:24fscholzshaif: sure
13:25shaifDo we plan to use sidebar or replace it with a panel? There's a patch for side bar scheduled for v.54 though.
13:25firebotBug 1208596 FIXED, Implement sidebar extension point
13:26fscholzFor the moment, I think the new sidebar API should be good.
13:26fscholzIf there is time for other approaches, we might explore them.
13:27fscholzAs it is a UX question, it might involve asking the current add-on users for opinions on any alternative approach.
13:30shaif@fscholz: Ok I would write proposal targetting the sidebar. For testing ideas, I guess MDN Writing_style_guide should be enough..
13:32fscholzThe current add-on has quite a few tests already and there are a few new ones filed in the current repo. If you have more, I'm curious to hear them.
13:34shaifOk. I would write a brief proposal and send you an email. thanks for reply :)
13:37fscholzcool, thank you!
18:11* safwan Reading the redirection code of kuma and feeling why this kind of approach was taken!
18:11safwanrjohnson: Hey, have you had chance to read that code?
18:12rjohnsonsafwan: which code?
18:12safwanrjohnson: The code use to determine if the article should be redirected
18:14rjohnsonsafwan: i don't know that code well, do you see a problem?
18:14rjohnsonsafwan: oh, no i don't know that code
18:14safwanrjohnson: Its possible to get the document url from scrapping the html!!!!
18:14safwanbut no way to get the document! :3
18:15safwanIts a weird approach to get the url by parsing the html
18:17rjohnsonsafwan: that is strange, i will try to understand that better when i have time
18:17rjohnsonright now i'm deep into some kubernetes helm work
18:17safwanrjohnson: Oh! Ok
18:18rjohnsonsafwan: how are you doing?
18:18safwanrjohnson: I am doing good. Got some holiday together with the weekend!
18:18safwanLearning a lot from the work and university
18:19safwanLearning about API designing in my workplace, and Java in university
18:19safwanwhat about you?
18:19rjohnsonsafwan: that's great!
18:20rjohnsonsafwan: i'm doing pretty good, but too busy! :)
18:20safwanYeah! I have seen the activity!
18:20safwanWhen you are start going to toronto? rjohnson
18:21rjohnsonsafwan: i'm departing on sunday morning, and returning on the following friday
18:21rjohnsonsafwan: i'm not looking forward to the cold weather! :)
18:22safwanCool! Hope you have a nice journey
18:22safwanIn Portland its summer. right?
18:22rjohnsonthanks safwan! i hope you have a nice holiday!
18:23safwanYou too
18:23rjohnsonsafwan: the weather in portland is just starting to change to spring
18:23safwanSpring is nice weather!
18:24rjohnsonsafwan: it would be nicer if it stopped raining all of the time! :) how is the weather in your area?
18:30safwanrjohnson: The weather is here is good! not very much hot, and not very much cold! rain some times, but not always!
18:31safwanIts just a start of Summer. Day by day the temperature will grow!
18:32jpettorjohnson: anything i can help with today? i think it's my last "official" day on MDN...
18:33rjohnsonjpetto: noooooo! :) it's been great having you with us!
18:33jpettoit's been quite fun :)
18:34rjohnsonjpetto: no i can't think of anything. if it wasn't friday, i would love to push the a/b testing stuff, but we decided it was best to wait until next week
18:34jpettoyeah, makes sense to wait
18:35jpettoi hope i'm not "gone" gone. would love to do more cross-product dev stuff
18:35rjohnsonjpetto: yeah, that would be nice
18:52safwanjpetto: Nice to have you in MDN!
19:03jpettosafwan: thanks!
19:51jgmizerjohnson: did you want to work together on those helm charts today?
19:51rjohnsonjgmize: i would like to if you have time
19:51jgmizeI have some time now if you want to hop on vidyo
19:52jgmizejpetto you're welcome to join us too if you're looking for something to do with MDN + k8s :)
19:52jgmizemy vidyo room?
19:52rjohnsonjgmize: sounds great, just give me 10 minutes to check-in my latest work so we have a common base
19:53rjohnsonyour vidyo room
19:53jgmizesure, sounds good. see you in ~10
19:58rjohnsonjgmize: ok, i'm ready, heading into your room
23:24jgmizerjohnson: you might want to subscribe to if you're interested in jinja2 support for helm.
23:26rjohnsonjgmize: cool, thanks!
18 Mar 2017
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