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17 Jul 2017
11:21github[kumascript] Elchi3 closed pull request #237: bug 1381033: Remove Promote-MDN.txt (master...drop_promotemdn)
11:21github[kumascript] Elchi3 pushed 2 new commits to master:
11:21githubkumascript/master 423e7b9 John Whitlock: bug 1381033: Remove Promote-MDN.txt...
11:21githubkumascript/master 70acab2 Florian Scholz: Merge pull request #237 from jwhitlock/drop_promotemdn...
11:21firebot ASSIGNED, Remove redundant Promote MDN data from Kuma, KumaScript
11:23github[kumascript] Elchi3 pushed 2 new commits to master:
11:23githubkumascript/master 9e95a45 John Whitlock: bug 1380045: Update link to Editor's Guide
11:23githubkumascript/master 641381b Florian Scholz: Merge pull request #236 from jwhitlock/editorguidequicklinks_1380045...
11:23firebot ASSIGNED, You haven&#39;t contributed to MDN, <link>Pitch In</link>! This link is broken.
16:21shobsonstandups: Dev standup
16:22shobsonstandups: Vidyo call with Kadir about meeting with Brigade tomorrow.
17:40firebotBug 1378793 NEW, ISE when ConnectionError to KS /macros/
17:48firebotBug 1379903 UNCONFIRMED, Japanese font in the heading isn&#39;t easier to read.
17:51shobsonOld-new language switcher:
17:51firebotBug 1034260 NEW, Make improvements to language switcher behind Waffle flag
17:51shobsonfscholz: Topal: ^
17:52Topalah :)
17:54firebotBug 1381128 NEW, Current MDN DB cost estimate
17:54Topaljgmize: hey Josh, the bug above should probably go into another product? or someone else should be cced?
17:55* jgmize looks
17:56rjohnsonTopal, jgmize: i think we should cc w0ts0n on bug 1381128?
17:57jgmizeTopal: I originally filed this with webops, hoping that w0ts0n would see it. I&#39;ll needinfo him specifically in the bug.
17:57jgmizes/webops/the database component/
17:58jgmizeHi w0ts0n, can you take a look at that bug and put it in whatever component makes the most sense for you to work on it?
17:59w0ts0nDue to the amount of teams &quot;Databases&quot; is kinda subjective when it comes to components :p
18:01jgmizethanks, I&#39;ll use the component you just moved it to for any future bugs I need your help with :)
18:04TopalThanks guys!
18:40shobsonstandups: Finish processing inboxes
19:00* rjohnson goes to get some lunch
19:13shobsonstandups: Read article on mobile subnavigation
22:21github[kumascript] andrewtruongmoz opened pull request #238: example add-ons -> example extensions (master...patch-2)
22:36wbamberghi mdndev! Travis build failed for, but I think it is unrelated to the change, which looks good to me. What should I do? Just merge it anyway?
22:46rjohnsonwbamberg: taking a look now...
22:48rjohnsonwbamberg: i&#39;m restarting the build to double check that it was a network issue unrelated to our tests...more in few minutes
22:48wbambergthank you rjohnson!
22:53rjohnsonwbamberg: all good, merge away!
22:54github[kumascript] wbamberg pushed 2 new commits to master:
22:54githubkumascript/master 2e26559 Andrew Truong: example add-ons -> example extensions...
22:54githubkumascript/master 8be7335 wbamberg: Merge pull request #238 from andrewtruongmoz/patch-2...
18 Jul 2017
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