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16 May 2017
00:20jwhitlockpaperwork done! goodnight #mdndev
00:21rjohnsongood night jwhitlock!
00:56rjohnsongood night mdndev
13:38jwhitlockgood morning #mdndev
14:28woodydan_could anyone tell how to HTMLELement in browser
14:31woodydan_could anyone tell how to HTMLELement in browser
14:35metadaveyou may want to try #mdn, this room is for development of MDN site itself
14:37woodydan_why no one answer me there
19:33shobsonjwhitlock: There are banned users who are not marked as in active in the database.
19:34shobsonSo there are still banned users being lined to from some documents :(
19:34* jwhitlock looks
19:34shobsonHere's an example:
19:37jwhitlockyep there he is in contributors for
19:38jwhitlockI think I'll do a DB pass and set banned users as inactive
19:38jwhitlockwell pass 1 will be a count
19:41jwhitlockshobson: there are exactly 2 users like that
19:41shobsonWell, Google conveniently identified them for us.
19:41jwhitlockthe other user has no edits
19:46* shobson marks all /profile/ 403 errors as "fixed" in Google Crawler.
19:49jwhitlockjajang20 is inactive, and is no longer linked from documents
19:53shobsonExcellent, thank you.
21:25wbambergI am getting Internal Server Error typing to create a page called types under
21:25wbambergI think its because there was a page called types that I deleted.
21:26wbambergis there any way out of this?
21:28* jwhitlock looking
21:28wbambergthank you jwhitlock!
21:28jwhitlockwbamberg: are you creating it by following a link?
21:29wbambergno, using New sub-article
21:29jwhitlockI see a page here:
21:29wbambergI tried at that link, and it told me the page was deleted, but offered an option to restore the page
21:30wbambergwhich I clicked, and then got a Not found, so just assumed it hadnt done the restore :)
21:30wbambergbut I guess it did!
21:32jwhitlockAdd-ons is a zone, so I expect some level of insanity
21:34wbambergdo you know if it is possible to undo a page move?
21:34wbambergin a zone?
21:35jwhitlockyou can redo a move, I think
21:36jwhitlockyou need to move it to the unzoned URL, I believe
21:36jwhitlockare you trying to undo a page move?
21:37wbambergjwhitlock, yes
21:37jwhitlockurls plz?
21:39jwhitlockok, looks like you can
21:39jwhitlockthe UI fights you the whole way
21:39jwhitlockbut the new slug is Mozilla/Add-ons/WebExtensions/API/types/BrowserSetting
21:40jwhitlockwbamberg: do you want to do it, or do you want me to move it?
21:40wbambergI tried (using the unzoned URL) but got errors like Your requested move cannot be completed due to the following slug conflicts:/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Add-ons/WebExtensions/API/privacy/BrowserSetting/get (get()) etc
21:42jwhitlockok, let me give it a shot
21:43jwhitlockthere's a page - I'll delete that
21:44jwhitlockok, now getting a dupe entry error - need to purge the deleted doc
21:46jwhitlockwbamberg: moved
21:49wbambergsorry jwhitlock, I have to pick up kid from school, I will check in again in a bit (or tomorrow, I guess it is late for you now)
21:50jwhitlockwbamberg: me as well. I think it is moved to the right place now
22:12jwhitlockheaded out for the night. I may still pollute the channel with PR pushes though...
22:12jwhitlockgoodnight #mdndev
22:12rjohnson:) good night!
17 May 2017
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