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14 Jul 2017
00:36rjohnsongood night mdndev
01:59shobsonOff for dinner but back to finish this commit message before espressive comes online.
06:48shobsonstandups: Apply UX changes to JS interactive samples and submit PR
06:48shobsonstandups: Open issue to make all code syntax on MDN match.
12:51fscholzstandups: reviewed
13:26jwhitlockstandups: attended "promote mdn" wordpress plugin meeting. Sounds like decisions were: 1) drop "suggest my article" feature, 2) Generate new art, 3) promote in newsletter, 4) drop Kuma copies of data
13:45jswisherWhere can Mte90 get the new MDN Web Docs branding graphics?
13:45jswisher(Or me?)
13:46* jswisher is overdue for new business cards
13:48jwhitlockjswisher: there's the ones in our repo like
13:48jwhitlockbut those are optimized for use on MDN, may or may not be appropriate for his needs
13:49jwhitlockespressive: is there an official place for new mozilla brand assets?
13:50espressivejwhitlock: at the moment things are a bit over the place because of the transition but, is one place and then there is
13:50espressiveI believe it is .org, let me double check
13:50espressiveyeah, .org that is the main place where all things brand are meant to be stored has the old MDN logo
13:52* jwhitlock changes locations, back in 20-30
13:52espressivehere is the logo
13:52espressiveoh the new logo
13:52espressivethat will probably be with brigade?
13:53espressiveSo, I guess Stephanie would know
13:53espressivethere are efforts to make this more concise but, at the moment, different groups are working in different directions so, it's gonna be a while...
14:40github[kumascript] jwhitlock opened pull request #237: Remove Promote-MDN.txt (master...drop_promotemdn)
15:33jwhitlockstandups: Follow-on actions from Promote MDN meeting. Opened bug 1381033, PRs,, updated
15:33firebot ASSIGNED, Remove redundant Promote MDN data from Kuma, KumaScript
18:27* rjohnson goes to grab some lunch
20:30shobsonstandups: Submit All Hands expensees
21:03shobsonstandups: Feedback to Ben on scenarios slide deck
21:05bensternthal^ looks at email for feed back :)
21:09jwhitlockstandups: discussed developer stuff with @shobson, @rjohnson, and @jgmize
21:09shobsonstandups: discussed developer stuff with @jwhitlock, @rjohnson, and @jgmize
21:27sheppyAre any of the devs here in a position to offer suggestions for how much I should break down the "Add ability to configure a list of domains which should automatically have its links set to nofollow" SEO subproject?
21:27sheppyI want to get the user stories written up for it in more detail now, since it's one of the things I'd like to see us get done in Q3.
21:28sheppyRight now it's just one user story about making it happen, and I'm not sure that's good enough. This one could probably go either way.
21:39rjohnsonsheppy: i'm in the middle of something at the moment, but i can do that in about an hour?
21:39sheppyrjohnson: sure, any input you can offer would be great
21:40sheppyThere's not a huge rush, since it's late in the day now, but I anticipate trying to finish getting the Q3 OKR stuff done by Monday sometime because yeah. :)
21:40rjohnsonsheppy: we'll talk/irc soon
21:43sheppyrjohnson: If I'm not here when you're ready, feel free to ping me if you want to talk in real time or just email me your thoughts, whichever works.
21:44rjohnsonsheppy: sounds good!
21:44sheppyThank you in advance :)
21:44rjohnsonyou're welcom!
21:44rjohnsonand welcome! :)
21:53jwhitlockstandups: wrote long email about AWS planning, cut most of it, sent
21:53jwhitlockok headed out for vacation - good night and good week #mdndev
21:53shobsonjwhitlock: have an awesome week
21:53rjohnsonjwhitlock: have a great vacation!
21:58sheppyrjohnson: FWIW here's the current user story (more like an epic really) for the nofollow project:
21:59sheppyThe goal is to create subtasks or user stories for the various things that need to be done to make it happen.
21:59* sheppy works on an email with status info on where we are with dev-related requests for Q3.
22:01rjohnsonthanks sheppy, maybe i can add some tasks to that user story? i have at least 3 tasks in mind
22:01sheppyrjohnson: sure
22:02sheppyI mean, clearly the Constance pref needs to be added; I don't know what's involved there. Then you have to add code to check links against that preference and add nofollow if there's a match during rendering...
22:04rjohnsonyeah, you got 2/3 of what i was thinking: 1) admin interface stuff (constance, etc.), 2) db migration script 3) code to check links
22:04shobsonI get the error `make: *** No rule to make target `lint-macros'. Stop.` in response to `make lint-macros` I am probably running it in the wrong place? What is the right place?
22:05rjohnsonshobson: i suspect you may be running it in the kuma rather than the kuamscript dir?
22:05shobsonyup, thanks.
22:13shobsonCould someone please point me at how we call a macro from a macro?
22:14rjohnsonshobson: you can use the "template" function (which is a global within the macro)
22:18rjohnsonshobson: "template(macro_name, args)" returns the output of the macro. if you'd like to load a macro that has functions you'd like to use (like an npm package), you can use "require_macro(marco_name)" which returns the exported object like "require" does
15 Jul 2017
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