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13 Sep 2017
00:05metadave|awayusing the search on the front page, the results use in the result links
00:08rjohnsonmetadave|away: that's a setting i can change, i should probably re-deploy with KUMA_DOMAIN set to ""
00:08rjohnsonin fact, i'll do that right now
00:16rjohnsonok, i re-deployed with the new domain
00:16rjohnsonthat fixed it
00:21metadave|awaywoo awesome, it works!!
00:36rjohnsonstandups: started work on
00:36rjohnsonthat's it for me
00:36rjohnsongood night #mdndev
14:19jwhitlockgood morning #mdndev
14:25jwhitlockso behind on email
14:57metadavecert temporarily changed on so we won't get a warning
14:57metadaveand uses it as an origin
14:57metadaveso we just need to config kuma on mdn-mm to use the cdn
14:57metadavenote: the won't live for very long, I'll most likely delete it after a few days
15:09metadaveRyan - here's the CDN serving an image:
15:14sheppystandups: Created user story ( to plan a path forward on the "broken links" SEO project
15:28rjohnsongood morning #mdndev
15:28rjohnsonmetadave: thanks! i'll sync-up with you after my mid-sprint review meeting
16:03jwhitlockrjohnson: good work on the github stuff
16:04jwhitlockthis has been a good project for leveling up on kuma details
16:04jwhitlockI've used the persona account emails in the past for linking github to existing profiles
16:05jwhitlockthat may need to wait until we have email hooked up, or we could get the URLs and DM them as needed
16:05jwhitlockbut they aren't needed for MM testing, so I think we're OK with just you having login abilities for now
16:05rjohnsonjwhitlock: it really has been! oh, actually i don't deserve any credit on github stuff, i wanted to ask you about it, as i didn't know how to enable it for all users
16:06sheppystandups: Send email about scheduling a meeting to discuss the broken links project stuff.
16:09jwhitlockrjohnson: I'm not sure what you mean by that. I thought github auth was an all-or-nothing thing...
16:12rjohnsonjwhitlock: i'm confused as well, but i still can't login using github on -- do i have to enable something in the admin interface?
16:13jwhitlockok what have you done so far? I don't know how to get shell on any of the servers.
16:14rjohnsonjwhitlock: the only thing i've done is fix the search, but i haven't done anything for github yet
16:15rjohnsonjwhitlock: if you can walk me through what to do, i can do it
16:17jwhitlocksorry, I was confused about the state of it
16:18rjohnsonjwhitlock: sorry, last night i thought i understood what to do, but then realized i didn't!
16:18jwhitlockit is very similar to github for local dev -
16:19metadavejwhitlock: I see in my sent mail that I've sent you creds for portland, I can show you around K8s later today or tomorrow
16:19jwhitlockon the github side, it's important to get the authorization callback URL right
16:19metadaveI can also resend
16:20jwhitlockmetadave: I think I'm missing a parameter - kubectl -n mdn-demo-content-exp get pods # doesn't work
16:20metadavekubectl -n mdn-stage get pods
16:20metadavemdn-demo-content-exp sounds like something from awhile back
16:21metadavewe have mdn-dev, mdn-stage and mdn-prod namespaces
16:21jwhitlockyep that works!
16:21metadaveif you want to poke around the EFS filesystem:
16:21metadavekubectl -n mdn-stage exec -it mdn-admin-3097159426-2dp69 bash
16:21jwhitlockis there a way to determine what namespaces are available?
16:21metadaveand cd to /mdn
16:21metadavekubectl get namespaces
16:22jwhitlockthat does it
16:22jwhitlocksorry very much on day 1 of kubernetes
16:22metadaveyou can get all objects in a namespace with:
16:22metadave kubectl -n mdn-stage get all
16:22metadaveno worries
16:22rjohnsonjwhitlock: then you can &quot;kubectl exec -it -n mdn-stage <web-pod-id> bash&quot; to get shell
16:23jwhitlockyes, now I can get shell
16:23jwhitlockso I can get github working
16:23metadaveyou can also run things like:
16:23metadavekubectl -n mdn-stage top pods
16:23metadavekubectl -n mdn-stage top nodes
16:23jwhitlockor it could be a learning exercise for rjohnson to get it working
16:24rjohnsonjwhitlock: yes, i&#39;d prefer to do it!
16:24metadaverjohnson: quick sync up? I have ~30 minutes
16:25jwhitlockOK I&#39;m headed for a quick lunch, will be back in ~30 to help if needed
16:25rjohnsonmetadave: yes!
16:26rjohnsonstandups: attended mid-sprint review, various aws discussions with j.whitlock and metadave
16:26rjohnsonmetdave: my room?
16:27rjohnsonmetadave: ^^ :)
16:57rjohnsonstandups: meeting w/meta.dave on current status and how aws elb&#39;s get configured in k8s (to be continued after he returns)
16:59rjohnsonok, for now, until j.whitlock and meta.dave return, i&#39;m going back to working on my pr to address
17:10jwhitlockstandups: merged PR 4421, with some tips on getting the Kuma URL in kumascript. Working through mail. Sync w/ Kadir. Mid-Sprint review - profile pages are out of the Google index, cancelling that task. Got kubectl working w/ mdn-stage.
17:13rjohnsonactually i didn&#39;t work on my pr to address (will later), but am going to re-deploy staging to use meta.dave&#39;s new cdn (taking advantage of the new kuma image that allows me to set the STATIC_URL from the env)
17:19rjohnsonstandups: deployed k8s staging (uses new cdn, which works great! )
17:20rjohnsonmetadave: your new temporary cdn for staging works beautifully, thanks!
17:25sheppyThings are really looking great with the AWS progress. I&#39;m super happy about it.
17:26sheppyI mean, anyone who knows me at all knows I can get a little grumpy when behind-the-curtain work takes priority over user-visible work, but I certainly can respect the need for it and appreciate the quality of the work.
17:27sheppyI see CKEditor 5 is on its last pre-alpha release.
17:27sheppyI&#39;ve been following this work with great interest since it will eventually be something we have to get into.
17:27rjohnsonsheppy: thanks! it&#39;s really been a nice team effort (metadave, jwhitlock, jgmize, and myself)
17:27sheppyYeah, watching the collaboration is kind of a treat.
17:36sheppyCKEditor 5 has a feature they call &quot;autoformatting&quot;, which is basically that it lets you use certain markdown-like syntaxes to format text.
17:36sheppyLike starting a line with * to add bullet list items or with &quot;#&quot; through &quot;###&quot; to add headings.
17:37sheppyBlockquotes with &quot;> &quot;, numbered lists by doing &quot;1.&quot; etc... inline stuff for bold and italic, etc. I know some folks will like that when we get there. :)
17:37sheppySomeday :)
17:37jswishersheppy: Wow!
17:37sheppyjswisher: Yeah, seriously. Those are some of our most-requested features for contributors.
17:38sheppyYou can even write plugins for the autoformat mechanism to add more stuff.
17:39sheppyOops, no, it&#39;s that it&#39;s implemented as a default plugin. OK.
17:39sheppyBut still looks like it may be adjustable.
17:41sheppyYep, you can add more than one Autoformatter, in addition to the default one. ZOMG.
17:42sheppyThe default one includes using backticks for <code> too.
17:42sheppyEven I might use that one. :D
17:43jwhitlockI&#39;ve been considering moving the MDN CKEditor build to it&#39;s own repo - it&#39;s an odd duck as part of kuma
17:43sheppyjwhitlock: Yeah, that&#39;s true.
17:44sheppyMight potentially make it easier for customization work as well, when I go in to work on editor plugins and configuration stuff as time allows.
17:45jwhitlockrjohnson: I&#39;m going to work on brainstorming the manual maintenance mode tests, unless you have something you need
17:46rjohnsonjwhitlock: sounds good!
17:47rjohnsoni&#39;m working on a pr to address your excellent
17:47metadaverjohnson: I&#39;m back, need anything?
17:48jwhitlockoh sweet ./ show_urls
17:49jwhitlockI was gonna try to do that by looking at all the files
17:49rjohnsonmetadave: just to give you a high five for the cdn work! :)
17:49metadavewoo did it work?
17:50rjohnsonoh yeah, beautifully
17:50metadaveseems a bit snappier
17:50rjohnsonmetadave: i&#39;d like to continue our sync-up, but can we do it after my 1:1 w/ben, around 11:30 pacific?
17:51rjohnsonmetadave: i thought so too!
18:01anthony :p
18:31rjohnsonstandups: 1:1 w/ben
19:14metadavefound a &quot;live sample&quot; that doesn&#39;t work on the mm site:
19:15metadave(note the &quot;demos&quot; in the URL)
19:15metadave(Related to
19:16jwhitlockATTACHMENT_HOST probably needs to be set to
19:17jwhitlockalso, good job setting up a demos host
19:19metadaverjohnson setup ATTACHMENT_HOST
19:19metadavefor example:
19:19metadaveone sec
19:19metadave Boolean(value) 2.png
19:19metadaveworks fine
19:19metadaveI&#39;m not sure how these are different than the interactive examples url
19:20* jwhitlock looks at code
19:22jwhitlockah, it needs to be in constance KUMA_WIKI_IFRAME_ALLOWED_HOSTS as well
19:22metadaveOH, I see that in the original issue but I thought it was something else!
19:22metadavewe&#39;ll try it out right now
19:22metadavethanks jwhitlock
19:23* jwhitlock adds to checklist
19:23rjohnsonjwhitlock: thanks!
19:24metadaveI have a note to request new certs that include to the prod/stage certs
19:24metadaveand will create an infra issue for that shortly
19:26jwhitlockis the interactive examples domain ?
19:27metadaveso we have samples, attachments, and interactive-examples
19:41metadaveworks now (with a cert warning, not worried about that)
19:44metadavealso, is going to be broken for a bit while Ryan and I redo the ELB
19:45jwhitlockroughly d.m.o/samples = 2013, $samples = 2015, interactive-examples = 2017
19:45jwhitlockMDN has not been great about retiring prototypes
19:45jwhitlockbut, we did get rid of demo studio, so that&#39;s something
19:46metadavedmo = Daves Mutant Onions?
19:46metadaveOH, haha, wow that went right over my head
19:46jwhitlockfirst time I typed it I had /samples at the front of the line, which isn&#39;t compatible w/ IRC
20:21rjohnsonstandups: long productive pairing w/meta.dave on aws work
20:22rjohnsonalmost forgot about lunch, getting some now
20:58jwhitlockstandups: finished list of manual testing URLs. ./ show_urls is awesome. I made my best guesses, but needs sanity check against MM mode.
22:00jwhitlockstandups: opened PR 4425 to upgrade urllib3, now that we&#39;re planning to use an SSL connection to ElasticSearch in AWS
22:06jwhitlockheaded out. Goodnight #mdndev!
22:06rjohnsongood night jwhitlock!
22:35* sheppy is trying to get a save to stick and not have errors in the script so he can bail because pain is painful this evening :)
14 Sep 2017
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