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13 Aug 2017
00:49github[kumascript] jwhitlock force-pushed build-with-locales-1340342 from 066b4ed to 998d9e5:
00:49githubkumascript/build-with-locales-1340342 998d9e5 John Whitlock: bug 1340342: Build docker image in TravisCI...
00:49firebot NEW, [Suggest] Better l10n structure for KumaScript
01:03github[kumascript] jwhitlock created build-with-kuma-1340342 from build-with-locales-1340342 (+0 new commits):
01:23github[kumascript] jwhitlock deleted build-with-kuma-1340342 at 998d9e5:
01:23github[kumascript] jwhitlock deleted jenkins-ks at e3870fd:
17:56safwanjwhitlock: Hi, are you available for some time?
17:57jwhitlocksafwan: for a few minutes
17:57safwanjwhitlock: I could not understand the issue of bug 1389895
17:57firebot WORKSFORME, MDN is taking too long time to load
17:57safwanWhat was the issue actually?
17:57safwanIt was taking too much time to load actually
17:57jwhitlockis it still a problem?
17:58safwanjwhitlock: I think as a image its slow. but not like that
17:59jwhitlockhm the page is loading fine for me now - you are still having problems loading it?
18:00safwanjwhitlock: Its loading fine
18:00safwanbut the time of mozillademos was high that time
18:02safwanNow like this
18:02safwan70.98KB is taking about 3 seconds to load
18:11safwanjwhitlock: Any possibilities to serve the content with cdn?
18:11jwhitlocknot without many changes. and not on a weekend
18:14safwanjwhitlock: ok.
18:14safwanHave a nice weekend
18:15jwhitlockthanks, you too
14 Aug 2017
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