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12 Sep 2017
00:46rjohnsonstandups: two pr's to capture my mdn debugging labors, created and (very close -- only two known issues: dns/allowed-hosts and the celery cam deployment is not getting scheduled by kubernetes due to cpu/other request violation -- will pair with meta.dave tomorrow)
00:46rjohnsongood night mdndev!
09:14interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling opened pull request #279: Fix issue #278, handle console.error (master...issue#278-handle-console-error)
09:14interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling closed pull request #279: Fix issue #278, handle console.error (master...issue#278-handle-console-error)
09:14interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling pushed 2 new commits to master:
09:14interactive-exampinteractive-examples/master d77772c schalkneethling: Fix issue #278, handle console.error
09:14interactive-exampinteractive-examples/master 1d4411e Schalk Neethling: Merge pull request #279 from schalkneethling/issue#278-handle-console-error...
09:15interactive-examp[interactive-examples] schalkneethling force-pushed prod from a4575de to 48760b3:
09:15interactive-exampinteractive-examples/prod 48760b3 schalkneethling: Deploying latest generated pages
09:36viewsourcebot[viewsourceconf] stephaniehobson opened pull request #224: Schedual and link updated (master...updates)
09:36viewsourcebot[viewsourceconf] stephaniehobson closed pull request #224: Schedual and link updated (master...updates)
10:02viewsourcebot[viewsourceconf] stephaniehobson merged master into prod:
13:49metadaveI'm going to be recreating the rds stage MySQL instance in a bit
13:52metadaveand reload anonymized data into it
14:13jwhitlockstandups: first pass review at PR 4421. I need to understand this feature better before reviewing.
14:15jwhitlockstandups: created and uploaded a new sample database. No custom collation, includes interactive examples experiment, reflects fewer links from redesigned homepage, and new waffle flags and switches
14:47github[kumascript] chrisdavidmills opened pull request #313: updating seecompattable to point to the official definition of experimental (master...seecompattable)
15:06rjohnsongood morning !mdndev
15:06rjohnsoni mean #mdndev :)
15:08sheppySure you do. ;)
15:09rjohnson:) good morning sheppy!
15:11jwhitlockgood morning
15:12* jwhitlock looks for a generic "TravisCI is broke" bug
15:12* jwhitlock writes it
15:19jwhitlockok lets see if this is the first time in history that a TravisCI change takes just one try
17:04jwhitlockrjohnson: can I get a quick review on PR 4423?
17:05rjohnsonjwhitlock: i'm pairing w/metadave at the moment, but will do!
18:56rjohnsonstandups: attended dev standup and sre weekly meetings, pairing w/metadave, created and
18:57rjohnsongoing to get some lunch, and after more pairing w/metdave
19:36rjohnsonthanks jwhitlock!
19:52rjohnsonafk for 5 minutes
20:18jwhitlockstandups: manually fixed some attachment names with non-ascii characters for the AWS sync. Some are still an issue, opened bug 1399237
20:18firebot NEW, server-ops-webops@mozilla-org.bugs Delete undeletable netapp files
20:19jwhitlockall my normal unix tricks didn't work (rm, find -delete), so I think it's a netapp issue
20:24safwanjwhitlock: You seems to be devops also! ;)
20:57rjohnsonstandups: deployed staging (metadave setup with anon db,
21:18safwanReally awesome rjohnson cert is expiring soon: 2017-10-23 12:00:00 +0000 UTC (0 years, 1 month, 10 days, 21 hours)
21:20metadaveas a heads up
21:20safwanrjohnson: Github signin is not working there?
21:20metadaveit should probably be renewed even if we're going to (eventually) be using the ACM cert
21:21safwanrjohnson: Also elasticsearch
21:21rjohnsonsafwan: thanks! yes, i think the github oauth fails because that domain is not authorized?
21:22rjohnsonsafwan: yes, i'm trying to fix the search issue right now along with metadave
21:22safwanNo idea
21:22metadavealso, the DB is anonymized
21:26safwanrjohnson: http link is not working. Is that expected?
21:28rjohnsonsafwan: hm, no, it should be redirecting to https, thanks for the info
21:29metadavethere isn't an HTTP port on the ELB, it looks like it hasn't been completely configured
21:31rjohnsonmetadave: oh! yes i remember now, the post-create configuration failed, let me check why again
21:35metadavealso, I see that the ELB isn't bound to the nodes ASG
21:35metadaveI'll have to look into that tomorrow AM
21:35metadaveK8s should be doing that for us
21:35metadaveI'll have to test by scaling the cluster
21:36rjohnsonmetadave: something failed during the post-create configuration, but i can't remember now the exact details
21:40jwhitlockstandups: analyzed production and staging settings, created list of needed overrides
21:41jwhitlockgood work on !
21:42jwhitlockah hostname mismatch to, that's probably the right thing
21:42jwhitlockwe'll need to take some manual steps to get github login and search working, but that's expected w/ an anon database
21:43jwhitlockalso: no one will be able to login to their existing account
21:43rjohnsonjwhitlock: thanks! i created an index, but then discovered that the es url now requires authentication, so i'm doing that now
21:44jwhitlockok I can do github
21:44jwhitlockoh maybe. this would be the first time I tried shell access
21:44rjohnsonand thanks again for the prod/stage settings analysis, so timely!!
21:45rjohnsoni had just headed down that path, but it's especially nice to have your experience and insight into what we need and what we can ignore
21:52rjohnsonfyi, i just "bounced" the staging server (to pick up the new secrets)
21:54jwhitlockok this will take more than the 5 minutes I have
21:55jwhitlocksorry github will have to wait for the morning, if I'm doing it
21:55rjohnsonno worries, i can take care of that, good night!
21:55jwhitlockgood night!
22:48rjohnsonstandups: created and merged, deployed to staging, populated the index, and got search working on staging
23:03rjohnsonhmm, i don't know how to enable github login for everyone, just myself, so going to wait for j.whitlock tomorrow morning
13 Sep 2017
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