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12 Jul 2017
00:19shobsonstandups: New homepage callouts.
00:19standupsOk, submitted #48102 for
00:19shobsonstandups: Rework how newsletter responded to breakpoints. More robust, better on smaller screens now.
00:19standupsOk, submitted #48103 for
00:19shobsonG'night all.
00:20rjohnsongood night shobson!
01:11rjohnsongood night everyone!
13:38fscholzIf we want more people to be able to easily publish new versions of our npm packages, this looks interesting to me.
13:39fscholzbasically you push a new tag, e.g. by running `npm version patch`and `git push --tags`and that triggers a release to npm.
14:20jwhitlockgood morning #mdndev
14:21safwanjwhitlock: Good morning
15:33sheppyfscholz: neato
16:08jwhitlockstandups: 1:1 with @topal, then standup w/ @stephaniehobson, @rjohnson, and @espressive. Still looking into deletion of old translations
16:08standupsOk, submitted #48134 for
17:49jwhitlockstandups: discussed MDN organization, AWS work, translations, and machine learning w/ @jgmize
17:49standupsOk, submitted #48135 for
18:00jwhitlockstandups: wrote bug 1380388. Thinking of fixing, but fix=5 min, refactor tests=2+ hours
18:00standupsOk, submitted #48136 for
18:00firebot NEW, Purged translations are still 404, not English fallback
18:54jwhitlockstandups: wrote bug 1380419 as placeholder for static asset backend work
18:54standupsOk, submitted #48137 for
18:54firebot NEW, Refactor static asset generation
18:55jwhitlockstandups: cleaned up Taiga Q2S4 by closing tasks and moving stories
18:55standupsOk, submitted #48138 for
20:07rjohnsondebugging macro processing in kumascript (which happens in the hireling pool) can be painful sometimes, like today :/
20:08rjohnsonjust venting
20:14jwhitlockhmm yeah seems like it would be mostly impossible
20:33jwhitlockmaybe a debugging mode that processes KS in thread and skips hirelings
21:24jwhitlockstandups: looking at static asset generation, trying to pick the best angle of attack. I think I will start w/ syncing Dockerfile-base, package.jsons, and travis-install
21:24standupsOk, submitted #48140 for
21:25jwhitlockbut out of time today
21:25jwhitlockgoodnight #mdndev
21:25rjohnsonhave a good night jwhitlock!
21:59rjohnsonchanging locations, will be afk for about 40 minutes
22:07github[kumascript] SebastianZ created topicbox-de-translation (+1 new commit):
22:07githubkumascript/topicbox-de-translation 16c82dd Sebastian Zartner: Added German translation for TopicBox-Macro
22:07github[kumascript] SebastianZ opened pull request #235: Added German translation for TopicBox-Macro (master...topicbox-de-translation)
22:08github[kumascript] SebastianZ force-pushed topicbox-de-translation from 16c82dd to 1434f40:
22:08githubkumascript/topicbox-de-translation 1434f40 Sebastian Zartner: Added German translation for TopicBox macro
22:31shobsonstandups: propose itinerary for September/October conference bindge
22:31standupsOk, submitted #48144 for
22:31shobsonstandups: Book travel for September/October conference bindge
22:31standupsOk, submitted #48145 for
22:55shobsonstandups: Finish processing inboxes.
22:55standupsOk, submitted #48146 for
23:30rjohnsonoff to get a haircut, good night mdndev!
13 Jul 2017
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