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11 Sep 2017
11:26shobsonBlergh, I can't get the new compat macro to work locally :/
11:46shobsonThe problem seems to be that I have an old copy of the mdn-browser-compat-data node module.
11:47shobsonBut I'm on master everything.
11:53shobsonOh kumascript is shrinkwrapped to 0.0.1 so presumably that's not the problem...
11:55shobsonI think some lunch is in order. If I'm lucky there will be Great British Backoff too.
12:32shobsonBack from lunch, have not been struck by inspiration for fix :/
12:33shobsonBeing in this time zone does me no good when everyone else in this time zone is off conferencing!
13:07safwanshobson: Hey, Its middle of the day there!
13:28shobsonI'm in London :)
13:28shobsonsafwan: ^^
13:28safwanOh! I forgot!
13:28safwanyou are in Write the docs conference?
13:32shobsonI am trying to be! I arrived in London very sick and had to miss my flight. Then my second flight was cancelled.
13:43metadaveshobson: :-( I hope you're feeling better!
13:44shobsonmetadave: Thanks :) Mostly over it (maybe food poisoning?) and anxious to be at the conference.
14:21jwhitlockgood morning #mdndev
14:28jwhitlockthe kumascript 3rd party libraries, including the mdn-browser-compat-data, are in the docker image
14:29jwhitlockI think "docker-compose pull kumascript; docker-compose restart kumascript" will update it
14:29jwhitlockthere's a big gotcha with running "npm install" in the kumascript folder as well
14:30jwhitlockremove kumascript/node_modules from your host system if it is there
15:09rjohnsongood morning mdndev!
16:02rjohnsonstandups: debugging mdn in aws using the new staging resources, 1:1 w/@jwhitlock
16:37jwhitlockstandups: updated PR 4414 for @shobson's feedback. 1:1 w/ rjohnson and @bensternthal. Working on bug 1397858, but probably blocked by tests, sample DB, Google support.
16:37firebot NEW, increase siteSpeedSampleRate to 100%
17:06safwanjwhitlock: When the Bug triage meeting will happen?
17:06jwhitlock24 minutes
17:08interactive-examp[interactive-examples] maboa opened pull request #276: number examples (master...number-examples)
17:31rjohnsonstandups: fixed redis connection issue (moving on to the others), attended monthly internal meeting
17:57jwhitlockstandups: attended monthly internal meeting, ran the bug triage meeting. Only ended up w/ 3 action items for myself!
18:02rjohnsonstandups: attended dev bug triage meeting
18:21jwhitlockstandups: finish follow-on bug updates from bug triage meeting
19:06jwhitlockstandups: opened PR 4419 to address bug 1397858, but on hold until PR 4414 (fix functional tests) is merged
19:06firebot NEW, increase siteSpeedSampleRate to 100%
19:49mdnstagepushwell then, jwhitlock is pushing mdn-stage e04e80103b8c3d176bfc1545330613f4c0ed2086
19:49mdnstagepushFinished: update_code (2.297s)
19:51mdnstagepushthe push is now going to the webheads!! (e04e80103b8c3d176bfc1545330613f4c0ed2086 jwhitlock)
19:51mdnstagepushFinished: setup_dependencies (138.648s), update_info (2.337s), pre_update (143.284s)
19:53mdnstagepushFinished: update_assets (99.182s)
19:53mdnstagepushFinished: update_locales (12.355s)
19:53mdnstagepushFinished: database (2.897s), update (114.434s)
19:53mdnstagepushFinished: rsync_project (5.425s), checkin_changes (5.457s)
19:53mdnstagepushFinished: deploy_app (15.727s)
19:53mdnstagepushFinished: restart_web (2.300s)
19:54mdnstagepushFinished: restart_kumascript (18.971s)
19:54mdnstagepushjwhitlock pushed mdn-stage e04e80103b8c3d176bfc1545330613f4c0ed2086
19:54mdnstagepushFinished: restart_celery (13.081s), ping_newrelic (0.343s), deploy (55.882s)
20:33jwhitlockfixes in this push to bug 1393596, bug 1370594, bug 1308630, bug 1393845, and bug 1362438
20:33firebot FIXED Add a tiny Firefox link from MDN footer
20:33firebot FIXED, shobson Update MDN to reflect new Mozilla brand
20:33firebot NEW Override settings with environment variables
20:33firebot NEW Scraping the current revision sometimes fails for some locales
20:33firebot FIXED, jwhitlock Implement redirects, other features in Kuma instead of Apache
20:45jwhitlockug kumascript build has been silently failing again
20:46rjohnsonjwhitlock: argh! so strange though, it seems like the same problem as before, but the removal of the node_modules dir should be cleaning that up, i'll look into that
20:51jwhitlocklooking myself
20:51jwhitlockthere's no node_modules in the folder
20:55jwhitlockok putting diagnosing the ks build on the shelf
20:56jwhitlockbut this may be part of s.hobson's problem with getting the compat.ejs macro running
20:58metadaveI have the anonymization process working: s3://mdn-db-storage-anonymized has the latest file
20:58metadaveconfirmed with
20:58metadaveI'll probably just run it manually when needed
20:59metadaveit takes ~15 mins to backup prod, then another 1 hour for anonymization, followed by an hour of importing the anonymized database
21:00metadaveit's currently loaded in the stage RDS instance in the developer_mozilla_org_anon db
21:00jwhitlockgood work
21:07jwhitlockmetadave: how far are we from seeing it on the stage deployment?
21:08jwhitlockpush song is Daft Punk in a 70's mood -
21:08mdnprodpushhey now, jwhitlock is pushing mdn e04e80103b8c3d176bfc1545330613f4c0ed2086
21:09rjohnsonjwhitlock: i'm still debugging startup/connection issues in the stage deployments, but it feels close, and then i can use the anon db that meta.dave uploaded
21:10metadavefew days, have to sync up with Ryan tomorrow
21:11mdnprodpushthe push is now going to the webheads!! (e04e80103b8c3d176bfc1545330613f4c0ed2086 jwhitlock)
21:11mdnprodpushFinished: setup_dependencies (133.478s), update_info (2.690s), pre_update (138.021s)
21:12mdnprodpushFinished: update_assets (103.969s)
21:13mdnprodpushFinished: update_locales (11.259s)
21:13mdnprodpushFinished: database (2.736s), update (117.965s), rsync_project (3.753s), checkin_changes (3.787s)
21:13mdnprodpushFinished: deploy_app (21.922s)
21:13mdnprodpushFinished: restart_web (11.607s)
21:14mdnprodpushFinished: restart_kumascript (19.686s)
21:14mdnprodpushjwhitlock pushed mdn e04e80103b8c3d176bfc1545330613f4c0ed2086
21:14mdnprodpushFinished: restart_celery (13.129s), ping_newrelic (0.329s), deploy (70.463s)
21:32rjohnsonjwhitlock: i think i'm on to the ks jenkins failures, am going to create a "ryan-test" ks branch and force push to it to test my theory
21:33github[kumascript] escattone created ryan-test from master (+0 new commits):
21:35github[kumascript] escattone pushed 1 new commit to ryan-test:
21:35githubkumascript/ryan-test ef84d7c rjohnson: set KS_VERSION instead of VERSION
21:38rjohnsonjwhitlock: yeah, that was it. we were using VERSION instead of KS_VERSION when building/tagging the ks image, so when we ran "make test VERSION=latest" within the ks dir, it was running the tests against a different image than the one we built
21:38rjohnsoni'll open a bug and submit a pr
21:56github[kumascript] escattone opened pull request #312: bug 1398947: use KS_VERSION instead of VERSION (master...fix-jenkins-1398947)
21:56firebot NEW, Kumascript Jenkins builds are failing on the mater branch
21:57rjohnsonstandups: created (fix for ks jenkins build/push failures)
21:59jwhitlockstandups: production push
22:03jwhitlockstandups: figuring out how legacy deki files are served, so I can looks for file usage for Running a VERY slow set of queries scanning content.
22:10jwhitlocklong script is gonna take a long time. Will post results to issue in a bit
22:10jwhitlockgoodnight #mdndev
22:10rjohnsongood night jwhitlock
22:14github[kumascript] jwhitlock closed pull request #312: bug 1398947: use KS_VERSION instead of VERSION (master...fix-jenkins-1398947)
22:14firebot NEW, Kumascript Jenkins builds are failing on the master branch
23:21viewsourcebot[viewsourceconf] jgmize merged master into prod:
12 Sep 2017
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